Student attraction towards school of investment banking in India

Many different fields of interest have been created, in the last few years or so. Especially in the space of commerce and management. Many different programs and degrees have come up which has attracted a lot of talent, especially amongst the Indian students.

Different colleges and universities have been set-up in India, making Indians stay in the country, instead of going abroad for further education. School of investment banking, set-up by many colleges is one of the most aspired programs in today’s times.

Why are students attracted to school of investment banking?

· New course- The field is very new in the industry, which is one of the major reasons why students are attracted to it.

· Herd mentality- Most students also follow their peers and friends into degrees and programs they are applying to and develop herd mentality.

· Good money- School of investment banking is also a hit amongst students and working professional going for further education because it has good money-making opportunities after completion.

Many students who do not want a full-time commitment can take a certificate based course in the given subject.

Benefits of doing investment banking courses in Mumbai:-

· Understanding of private equity- One of the major reasons why the field is very attractive and offers good learning is because it teaches the concept of private equity, which is not common among other fields.

· Exposure to industry professionals: If one is planning to get into the corporate field after completion of the course can help them get in touch with industry professionals.

· Confidence to do a job in the field: Such a course can also help students get a grasp of their concepts on the basics of the job which would be needed in future. It will help them be mentally prepared and confident for working in the corporate sector.

· Tracking the financial markets and institutions: One of the main benefits of doing investment banking courses in Mumbai is that it helps students track the markets, such as the BSE easily. It is very critical for anyone wanting to make a career in that field to make sure they are tracking the markets well.

Though at the outset the entire stream of investment banking looks very promising, one must make sure one has enough qualities to be suitable for a job in the field.

Attributes needed to make a successful career in investment banking:-

· Perseverance- Being perseverant is very critical to see success in this field for anyone looking for a long term success.

· Calm- Calmness with dealings is also critical in making a successful career in investment banking.

Lastly it is very important to be mentally strong as the markets may change rapidly and vary in short periods of time.

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