Where to find CBSE guide for class 9

CBSE exams are considered to be the most difficult ones in India. In order to prepare for these exams one needs not just hard work but regular and consistent practice. There are a number of CBSE guess papers as well sample papers that are available from a number of sources. Before you appear for your board examinations make sure that you cross check the CBSE syllabus for class 10th and 12th available on the official websites of CBSE. This is essential so that you don’t miss out any topic before sitting for the exams. Solving a number of sample papers can also be of great help.

The CBSE sample papers for class 12 and 10th are prepared on the same lines of the actual CBSE papers. The past trends are kept in consideration. These CBSE sample papers ensure that all the important questions that might be asked in the final exams are properly covered. The guess papers are prepared just the same way.

The students can get the CBSE sample papers for class 12 and 10th from a number of sources. There are multiple online education portals that have different sample papers, guess papers and past year question papers. You can either download them online or buy it from the open market. There is also an option available to take CBSE tests online. These tests are usually timed. Thus, you can learn efficient time management from these timed tests. You can either learn different tactics and strategies to accentuate your speed and score well in the exams.

In order to improve your speed, a quick analysis of the entire question from the CBSE question paper is advised. This would let you find out the easiest and the difficult questions of the paper. So, you must begin with the easiest questions, then the ones with the moderate difficulty and lastly the most difficult questions. This is the best approach and works mostly in securing maximum marks in the test. Other than the online sources, you can procure the CBSE guide for class 9 to 12th in the different book stores. Most of the book stores sell different CBSE sample papers in a compiled book form. There are books for different subjects and the CBSE students must definitely get hold of these books so as to perform better in the exams. These books have the important questions of the past 10 years. You can get a lot of benefit out of the practice session being spent with them.

Apart from these, it is important that you have a good strategy and schedule to prepare well for exams. Devote ample time to all the subjects and special attention to your weak areas. This is vital to score good marks in your CBSE exams.

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