DYNA distribution details

DYNA is the deflationary utility token governing the Dynamic platform with a 400k total supply. Born on Ethereum & bridged onto alternative chains (starting with Binance Smart Chain), DYNA is a strategic tool for:

  • Yield consolidation & distribution
  • Economic incentive (LP rewards)
  • Voting on new chains or markets
  • Community benefits (delete fees)

There are 3 ways to become a holder of DYNA. Users can lend assets, refer users, or buy it through a DEX (or whitelist presale on Unicrypt November 28th). To earn DYNA, users may stake it or LP tokens for up to 64% APR.

The official DYNA tokenomics are as follows:

  • Liquidity: 25% (100k)
  • Rewards: 30% (120k)
  • Treasury: 15% (60k)
  • Public: 11% (44k)
  • Private: 9% (36k)
  • Team: 10% (40k)
Liquidity, team, private, rewards, and treasury allocations are locked.

Dynamic is a lending yield aggregator, powered by DYNA. We pool yield from top money markets, consolidate it into DYNA, & distribute it once per day. This means you never have to manually claim lending profits. Just sit back, relax, & enjoy competitive APY on stable & native assets.

Interested in becoming a lender? Join our waitlist.

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