Introduction to lending

There are a number of ways to have your money making you more but we specialize blockchain lending. You may choose an active or passive stance towards the platform and lend or borrow your favorite crypto assets.

Traditionally, institutions and high net worth individuals were the only ones extending credit as loans for passive income. With the advent of blockchain tech, anyone can enjoy the benefits of lending.

There are a number of reasons to lend or borrow.

For one, it might be to earn interest on idle savings. For others, it’s to access liquidity without having to sell assets. The truth is, blockchain has been programmed into our future. We can already see the dawn of mainstream acceptance across the world. Although, we may be some sort of laughing stock now, it’s no different than previous technological shifts.

We’re rewriting inefficient and risky legacy systems in a transparent manner and expecting significant industry progress as we push towards 2025.


Dynamic is central access to leading money markets and helps users save time while maximizing profit with daily auto-compounding. We’re prepared to serve thousands of individuals with an easy-to-use lending experience.

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Originally published at on August 2nd, 2022



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