The first $DYNA Buy Comp is here and will run for 48 hrs.

CA: 0x5c0d0111ffc638802c9EfCcF55934D5C63aB3f79
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✅ Buys over 0.5 BNB earn 100% $DYNA bonus vested over 4 weeks

✅ Buys over 2 BNB earn 150% $DYNA bonus vested over 4 weeks

✅ Biggest buy earns 2 BNB bonus with no vesting attached

25% bonus tokens will be airdropped per week. To remain in good standing, please refrain from selling until all bonus tokens are airdropped.

Trading tax is 0% on buys and 6% on sells.


Dynamic is personal saving software built on top money markets. We enhance the DeFi lending experience by providing compound yield, one-click borrowing, and seamless bank connectivity. Join us on Telegram.

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Multi-chain money market aggregator 🏦 Enjoy compound yield, one-click borrowing, & seamless bank account connectivity.