The Titles Aren’t Sexy. The Income Is.

“I used to sell mops and toilet paper out of a Porsche.”

While binge-watching Youtube videos one Sunday afternoon, some Sundays are reserved for binge-watching Youtube, I came across the story of Don Ward. Don Ward, a native of New York City, has been shining shoes on the streets of Manhattan for 20 plus years. Don formerly worked in a photoshop and would soon quit after his friends told him how much money they were making shining shoes in NYC. They were making more money shining shoes in a day, then Don was making at his photoshop in a week…

If You Don’t Come From A Wealthy Family, A Wealthy Family Needs To Come From You.

“Many of us have inherited dust but that doesn’t mean that our children have to inherit dust as well.”

Many of us have inherited dust. We had to start from scratch in this marathon called life, but you not receiving an inheritance should not be used as an excuse for your future generations to not receive one. Some in the community have this twisted mindset that they would rather see their future generations suffer rather than thriving. This is what I call a struggle fetish. …

We Sabotage Ourselves Because We Undervalue Ourselves.

“Many of us don’t comprehend the importance of self-worth.”

In 2010 when I started doing sales for a company called Cintas, my manager at the time, the one who attempted to fire me over donuts and candy, accompanied me to one of my sales presentations. The presentation went well, but he quickly picked up on a bad habit of mine that needed to be corrected. There is a saying, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” The common mistake that I would make out of pure ignorance is that I would determine what a customer could afford by the…

Ambition and Lack of Effort Don’t Mix.

“We Have To Put In A Full Days Worth Of Work Every day.”

Many of you are asking, what is a full days worth of work? A full days worth of work is when on a daily basis you put in the necessary sweat equity needed to move closer to realizing your goals. A full days worth of work is a habit that is done everyday. You can’t put in a full days worth of work on a Monday and then take it easy for the remainder of the week. This is what we call hustling backwards. …

You Can’t Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose By Living A Life Of Comfort.

“You cannot leave a legacy for your family or break the generational curses of your family through living a life of comfort.”

Many of us do not want to get uncomfortable in order to put in the necessary sweat equity that’s needed to fulfill our purpose. Many of us speak on our purpose and achieving the big dreams and ambitions that we want to accomplish, but we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. What is the “comfort zone?” The comfort zone is when one is satisfied with meeting the status quo and doing just enough to get…

In Order To Rule, You Must First Serve

“When you focus on how you can serve others, in return the universe will focus on how it can serve you.”

Be of service. How many people can you serve each and every day? How many people can you impact each and every day? How can you extend your reach and change the lives of the people that you touch with your newly, extended reach? I often listen to the motivational coach/ spiritual guide Ralph Smart. In one of his most recent videos, he spoke on how he wasn’t focused on becoming rich. He wasn’t focused on financial freedom, but…

Reverse Engineer Your Life.

“Visualize The Outcome That You Want To Achieve, Then Formulate A Plan To Manifest It.”

In 1997, the California State High School Track and Field Finals were held in Sacramento, CA at Hughes Stadium. Hughes Stadium was located on the campus of Sacramento City College. My father lived right around the corner from the campus so meet was a stone’s throw away from his house. Before my track meets that were held at Sac City, I would go to my dad’s house, rest up, then walk to my meet. …

Clear Those Damn Voicemails.

“You can’t receive the new opportunities that await you because your voicemail is full.”

I am an avid listener of Steve Harvey. Every morning while heading to my gym here in Atlanta, I listen to his motivational videos on YouTube. One morning, Steve was recounting the story of how he was wishing for a new car, for his current car was no longer operable. He did everything in his power to attract that new vehicle but it wouldn’t come. He got a new job, but he still did not receive his new car. He prayed. God heard his prayer, but…

We All Deserve An Abundance and Plenty To Give.

“It is perfectly OK to have homes in different time zones.”

The other day I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine who lives in California. She will remain anonymous, but we have been close friends for almost 10 years now. I confide in her, she confides in me, she gives me great life advice and business advice. I met her back in 2011, and she has played an instrumental role in my career growth. …

“My boss told me to save my bonus checks and buy real estate, instead I bought a Porsche.”

In December 2011, I departed America to head to Tanzania. This would be my inaugural trip to Africa. I flew British Airways from LAX to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, with a layover at London Heathrow Airport. During my 6 hour layover in London, I decided to explore Heathrow. If having a dynamic layover experience is important to you, Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is my favorite airport to be stuck in followed by Heathrow Airport in London. I would not mind having…

Dynast Amir

Dynast Abefe Adewale Amir is connecting the diaspora to Africa through art, commerce, media, and culture. The Omo Oba of Ororuwo, Nigeria.

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