How to see Dynatiq Tokens (DTQ) in your Ethereum Wallet.

Hello, today we are going to show you how to see Dynatiq Tokens (DTQ) in your Ethereum Wallet.

Dynatiq Tokens are sent instantly to address you sent ETH from. If you have paid with BTC, you need to complete form on and provide ETH address to receive Dynatiq Tokens (DTQ).

How to see Dynatiq Tokens (DTQ) in your Ethereum Wallet?

As example, we will use MyEtherWallet, this tutorial works with any other Ethereum wallet.

Step 1: Access your wallet on the

Step 2: Click “Add Custom Token”

Step 3: Enter the below info in the 3 fields and click “Save”:

Token Contract address: 0x585ee73219b038e1e2e1ed57fe42d6a4b0d59e83

Token Symbol: DTQ

Decimals: 6

And it’s done! You should see Dynatiq Tokens (DTQ) in your wallet now.

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