4 Questions for Manfred Günther, DYNO’s Head of Sports Science

Manfred Günther, DYNO’s Head of Sports Science

What did you do prior Dynostics?

I was a semi-professional tennis player until I was 19 years old. Parallel to my tennis career, I fell in love with motorsports. This passion led me to participate in a number of national and international races. I then decided to take my passion for sports in a new direction and study sports science.

In 2007, I was introduced to the field of performance and metabolism analysis and found the subject particularly fascinating. A year later, I opened my first therapy center and discovered there was no cheap and efficient way to run a performance analysis, on amateur athletes.

My partner and I took it upon ourselves to develop a better solution. We decided to work extensively with psychosomatic people, as this ever growing category of patients requires an extensive amount of bodily information (biofeedback), in order to exercise properly.

I went on to open five more therapy centers in Germany. One of my patient and friends, was the Chief Sales Officer of DYNOSTICS, he introduced me to the project, and offered me to join the venture.

What can I learn about my body through a performance and nutrition analysis?

Performance and Nutrition analysis are essential for everyone. Devising a training or diet plan without these tests is very much alike to building a house without an architect. This data is absolutely necessary if you want to improve your body’s capabilities effectively.

With DYNOSTICS Nutrition, we created a smart and mobile device, which calculates your daily caloric burn rate and tells you how your body burns calories. The entire test is performed in under 5 minutes. Our proprietary algorithm then suggests customized plans, so the user can reach his dietary goals more effectively.

With DYNOSTICS Performance, we analyze how your body works and how it reacts during stress and regeneration phases.

Training becomes exponentially more effective when armed with highly precise metabolic and performance data. At DYNOSTICS, we developed the most advanced and efficient way to run these kinds of tests.

Why is the DYNOSTICS method better than what’s currently available?

In a nutshell, our method ensures optimal training and tailor-made nutrition based on the customer’s pulse values.

Traditional methods are invasive and inefficient. They often require blood samples to analyze one’s metabolism. Our device is mobile and highly advanced; it can analyze your metabolism without the need for heavy equipment or medical support. You can run an analysis from anywhere in the world!

Our direct & live analysis, based on high sports science standards and in combination with precise measurements, makes our device truly unique.

The actual device & app are only the beginning. Where do you see DYNOSTICS and the device’s tracking capabilities in five years?

There are a lot of challenges down the road. The whole market lacks smart and mobile analytic devices. We demonstrated that it’s possible to solve those issues and we are confident that we’ll be able to grow exponentially over the coming years.

Our goal is to bring the analysis methods available to pro-athletes, to the masses. Over the next decades, we wish to improve the health and nutrition of millions around the world. Based on our track record, we feel confident that we’ll be able to achieve this goal.

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