DYNO Partners with the University of Leipzig

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The University of Leipzig in the heart of Leipzig. License under creative common by Martin Geisler: https://goo.gl/szBtnS

The University of Leipzig, founded in 1409, has been operating for 600 years — making it the second oldest University in Germany. The University counts a number of notable alumni, including: Angela Merkel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Goethe, Richard Wagner, and 9 Nobel Laureates. It is currently ranked second-best in Germany and 20th in Europe. The University of Leipzig is particularly famous for its Faculty of Sports Science.

For more than 6 months, DYNO has been working closely with the University of Leipzig: we’ve built a strong relationship with Prof. Dr. Busse, a widely-respected and highly successful doctor in the field of sports- related medical research. Dr. Busse is member of the Health Technology Assessment International and the co-founder of the German Society for Health-Economy.

Our partnership with the University is wide-ranging and multi-faceted. They are helping DYNOSTICS test how the device’s capabilities compares to that of others systems on the market. The test have so proven that our device is as reliable as traditional analysis systems. Dr. Busse and his team are actively working on possibilities for improving the device and expanding its capabilities. As the relationship evolves, we will work closely on developing new products and refining the DYNO Marketplace.

Dr. Busse and his co-workers are tremendously excited about the device. They’re also particularly impressed by how much of a leap- forward it is from the bulky, slow, and unreliable, stationary analysis machines.

“The device’s advanced sensor technology, low-price, and ease-of-use, are what truly sets it apart from the competition. Other, often larger, manufacturers, are miles behind DYNOSTICS’ technology. From a price-perspective, it was extremely difficult for us to justify spending large amounts on such machines. With DYNOSTICS, we will be able to run tests much more effectively and still gather highly precise and reliable data” - Dr. Busse

We are looking forward to working alongside the University on both our hardware and the DYNO Marketplace. They will actually be one of the first research institutions to use the DYNO marketplace. Dr. Busse is thrilled by the prospect of running a large scale VO2 research through the DYNO Marketplace — they previously weren’t able to perform such a study due to the lack of available data.

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