DYNOSTICS is Now Live at Red Bull’s Worldwide Training and Health Facility

Limited footage due to restricted camera usage inside the facility

Stefan (CEO), Friedrich (CSO), and Manni (Head of Sport Sciences) recently paid a visit to the Red Bull performance center in Thalgau, Austria. They delivered the first DYNOSTICS device to the facility’s Director of Diagnostics and Training, Dr. Bernd Pansold. Dr. Bernd Pansold is a world-famous doctor and advisor to professional athletes like Sebastien Vettel and other major Red Bull athletes.

Stefan, Friedrich and Manni at the main entrance to the Red Bull Headquarter of training and health

From now on, all Red Bull athletes who get diagnosed at the facility will do so with the DYNOSTICS device. The facility will be able to run extremely efficient fitness and metabolic tests. Red Bull athletes will benefit greatly from our highly precise metabolic analysis, and our DYNOSTICS recommendations should help them improve their general health and performance. We look forward to extending our cooperation with Red Bull’s training facilities and sports clubs worldwide.

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