DYNO — All you need to know about our breakthrough device and our shift to blockchain

May 8, 2018 · 5 min read

While the current ICO space is filled with grandiose promises of revolutionary products, ours is already in the hands of customers worldwide. Our device is used daily by a number of global brands, including Red Bull and CleverFit.

Our extensive background in the sports industry, helped us realize that both athletes and non-athletes desperately needed a better way to analyze their fitness and metabolic data. These tests were lengthy, out-of-reach, relied on obsolete tech, and required medical assistance. The data collected from these tests would be stored locally and thus, remain vulnerable to attacks and abuses of all kinds.

At DYNOSTICS, we knew there had to be a better way. So, we set out to build a game-changing device that would completely transform how people could analyze their metabolic and fitness data.

We designed a mobile-first system, capable of analyzing fitness and metabolic data with extreme efficiency, at a fraction of the cost of existing methods. Our device can determine a user’s data in a few minutes by analyzing the gases they inhale & exhale.

Our device is such a breakthrough it’s already been adopted by hundreds of fitness clubs, sports teams, and corporate partners around the world.

How our device works

Our device can run both performance and nutritional tests.

Metabolic data is captured through a breathing unit and performance data through a pulse belt. The breathing unit is an oxygen mask, comprised of an array of sensors. A turbine is attached to the mask. It ensures that a constant flow of air is drawn from the breathing unit and measures the volume of air that passes through it. An arm device pumps the air, receives the data from the pulse belt and breathing unit, and sends it to our cloud via bluetooth. The data is then interpreted by our algorithm in real time and rendered in a digestible format, on our app.

After completing these short series of tests, the user has access to a treasure trove of information. For example, the tests will tell users within which pulse ranges they increase performance or burn fat. Through the app, they’ll be able to know how they process food and how best to reach their fitness goals.

The ease, speed, and precision with which these tests can be completed are unparalleled. Furthermore, the way the analytical data is translated on our app is a major step forward from current options.

Our App is already live in the App Store. Feel free, to contact us for access to a demo account.

The information below will explain the advantages of our tests in further detail.

Improving your Performance

During the performance test, users wear our breathing device and pulse belt while undergoing a short stress test (e.g. running on a treadmill).

The data from the stress test is collected, analyzed, and rendered to the user in a comprehensive format. The user will be able to know in which pulse ranges they burn the most fat, when they increase performance, and when their muscles in the anaerobic area over-acidify.

Advantages of our Performance Test:

  • Highly-personalized training programs: Our app will provide the best training programs, based on the data it received from the stress test.
  • Optimal Pulse Range: Analysis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise (aerobic vs. anaerobic). The user will know within which pulse ranges they are most likely to achieve their goals (fat loss or increased performance).
  • Smart Analysis System: Fully automated, extremely efficient, in-depth body and metabolism analysis that requires no medical expertise.

Improving your Nutrition

The nutrition test takes under 5 minutes and only requires the person to breath through the oxygen mask. The test gives a precise analysis of the user’s basal metabolic rate (BMR: daily calorie needs and proportion of carbohydrates, fat, protein). The results of the test are immediately available on our companion app.

Advantages of our Nutrition test:

  • Smart measurements: Highly-precise analysis of individual basal metabolic rate (BMR).
  • Time-Effective: 5-minute rest test is enough to provide a holistic nutritional analysis.
  • Custom nutritional recommendations: Our app will provide custom diet suggestions based on the user’s BMR.

The Shift to Blockchain

With all the data we collect from our device, we became increasingly aware that we needed a fair, safe, and secure way to store that data. That’s why we decided to to create the first blockchain-based fitness and metabolic data marketplace. We believe our users should be able to dispose of their personal data as they see fit and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way.

Health & insurance companies will be able to purchase the data off our users with the DYNO tokens. These institutions will have access to better databases, which will lead to better research results, and eventually improve the health of people globally.

We have a lot planned for the future! Including, building more products of our own and integrating all fitness and health trackers into the DYNO ecosystem. Catch a glimpse of what we have in store on our Light Paper and in our upcoming articles.

If you want to join DYNO feel free to check out our ICO page and contact us directly via mail if you’re interested in the Pre-Sale.


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Dyno - Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.

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