Meet Phantom Athletics, DYNOSTICS’ strategic and production partner

Phantom Athletics created the Phantom Training Mask — a resistance breathing device, which limits your air supply during training. The mask has a number of benefits including strengthening your breathing muscles and boosting your physical and mental performance. Phantom Athletics is the leading supplier of training masks globally and a recipient of the ISPO Award.

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Phantom Athletics has entered into a production partnership with DYNOSTICS. We were unsatisfied with our current training mask, which is a standard model used in medical performance tests. With Phantom Athletics, we were able to develop a brand new type of mask, which can be used both for training and testing. This means the mask will come in a variety of sizes and people will be able to use their own training masks to undergo the DYNOSTICS test.

After intensive testing and tinkering, the Phantom Athletics produced masks proved to perform just as well as our previous masks. Thus, the masks of all future DYNOSTICS devices will be produced by Phantom Athletics. Both companies will officially announce their partnership at the World Fitness Congress.

This partnership will also prove to be a major sales boost for DYNOSTICS. Phantom Athletics will promote and introduce DYNOSTICS to its global roster of clients and partners. Furthermore, Phantom Athletics Mask users will be able to benefit from DYNOSTICS tests and enjoy our highly-customized training & diet plans.

Finally, Phantom Athletics will be a user of the upcoming DYNO marketplace and has already invested heavily in the DYNO ICO.

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