Picture by hitesh choudhary

Software has never been the problem, Humans have!

With the myriad of technological espionages that have rummaged society in recent times, it’s easy to lose sight of the initial appeal and become overwhelmingly disturbed by the level of insecurity/threat the technology landscape poses to the average individual.

An opportunity to socialize with friends or family via something as simple, lifeless and powerful as a Smartphone or device will have you think once, twice and maybe several times more before divulging information that may be one day used against you eternally.

So, while we want to enjoy the immense benefits this new age of innovation brings, it is quite rudely shocking to find that we refuse to consider the equal possibilities of threats such innovation carries.

I do not wish to absolve any product owner in the past or in the future to come of any responsibilities of taking optimal measure in securing users of their products, whatever form they may come, I, however, wish to emphasize the fact that we tend to forget that these product owners are victims too.

There have been several deaths and violence that emerged from Guns/firearms and Knives, however not once have we come out openly to demand that the originators/current dealers of such tools be made to account for an individual picking up those tools to cause bodily harm or otherwise to others.

The same case with some drugs which were created for originally medicinal purposes but have been abused by dealers and peddlers to the detriment of mankind. How is it, therefore, that Software Innovations which have been created for a special purpose and those purposes explicitly communicated upon their creation when abused need to be accounted for by the creators of such software?

How is it that we fail to see that software as much as any other thing man creates can be subject to abuse and the perpetrators of such abuse should be held accountable and even indebted towards the creators of such seeing as they clearly violate the use and purpose of such?

I believe it is because we have refused to understand that albeit powerful, software is but a tool, and like any other tool, it can be abused by humans. So while we take selfies or selcas as some would say, and make veritable payments or whatnots online and so on, instead of seeking an easy way out and looking for something (software and the creators of such) to blame for our lack of understanding or ambiguity of what software should be and the likelihood of threats that we failed to consider before its adoption, we need to realize that it is us, humans first as it always has been, that is responsible for all the misuse and abuse of what we now fear to call software.