Quick review of the iPad Pro “Smart Keyboard”.

It’s a bit like touchscreen typing but not 100% similar. The keys have a Taptic feedback that’s satisfying but not in the traditional way of give in mechanical keyboards or even like in the old style of keyboards that are in the current lineup of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. That being said, it’s much more accurate than a touchscreen keyboard which is a bit disappointing since I would much prefer not to lug a keyboard around with me but at the same time the form factor it comes in makes a ton of sense. The screen is also hella important. Normally when you type on an iPad or an iPhone the screen is half full with the keyboard obscuring the content. Adding the physical keyboard to the mix means that I get more screen real estate to work with and that’s pretty immediately impressive.

Once you have the full 13 inches of screen to play around with without having to worry about a keyboard obscuring half of it, you can immediately dream up scenarios for the iPad which could make it a very powerful computing form factor.

The major concern I have is that it may be a bit cumbersome to add to/carry with with me wherever I go. To to class for example. However, just bringing a tablet to class would seriously be a load off. Plus it would be the most awesome thing ever. If only I could run serious programming software (cough Xcode cough) and a real version of sketch on this, I can easily see how the iPad Pro could replace my MacBook.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for the iPad line. If my guess is correct it won’t be long until 3D Touch makes its way to the iPad lineup. That will be really cool to see.