A Bit About Me

I am actually not that exciting of a person. In fact, I probably wouldn’t read a blog about my own life if I had all the time in the world. However, I have stumbled upon a very exciting part of my life (I’m studying abroad in Denmark!), so I am starting this blog in an attempt to reassure the important people in my life (Hi Mom & Dad) that I am still alive.

Figure 1: The subject of this post (foreground, bottom left corner) valiantly defends her kin from an evil villain.
Just kidding, that’s me on the right about to get bitten by a hungry duck. Photo taken at Jægersborg Dyrehave by Robin Pronk.

If you are already well-acquainted with me, then don’t bother reading past this paragraph unless you wish to laugh at my prose. I shall soon begin filling up this blog with my shenanigans, starting with when I arrived in Denmark. Theoretically I will post my backlog of stories and pictures from the past month and a half, and then continue to post something at least once a week; but you already know how lazy I am, so don’t expect anything too soon or with any reliable frequency.

If you don’t know me, here is a bit about myself:

I am a junior at Caltech (located in sunny Pasadena, California) studying planetary science & mechanical engineering. Unsurprisingly, I am a nerd. When I’m not drowning in homework and my own derpiness, I run around swinging a racquet at a tennis ball; occasionally, I hit one where I want it to go. More often, I just send them flying. I also enjoy flailing my feet at a soccer ball, with similar results. In addition, I do other things around my school, like helping organize social events for my house (think Harry Potter houses) and secretary-ing for the school’s feminist club.

Selina, my beloved pet chicken from high school, and the reason for my obsession with chickens.

I claim to enjoy reading, drawing, and origami. And I do, though really I spend more of my time playing video games, obsessing over cute animals (chickens are my favorite), or looking at funny pictures on the internet than any of the prior activities. Sometimes I wonder how I’m muddling my way through this world, but then I remember I have in fact mastered the three most important survival skills: eating, sleeping, and defecating (then making jokes about it).

If I have not managed to scare you off yet, I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them!

~ Valerie

P.S: Have a picture of my dog Rocky, because I would feel guilty for posting a picture of my dead chicken but not him. Also, he’s just an adorable little bugger, and who wouldn’t want to see a picture of him?

My shih tzu Rocky, posing majestically in front of my high school. Photo taken by my mom at Alta Loma High School.
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