The Unrightious Seed

See where im coming from

There was a stormy, rainy night when it all started … people where lost an asked god why did all this have to happen when life had a purpose not for this but for life itself no one understood untill it was tolate to go back . this world wasnt for war , working , or even choosing the president , i see everyone becoming lost in selfishness in the eyes of a human being work is just the beginning of slavery all over again i see this life as money talks an talking walks lost its not what life to be expected to be in will be ungrateful for the simple fact of freedom is war an war is selfishly dying for living for a simple life as a human being.

Nobody will open there eyes an see what i see i feel alone in so many ways to ever describe the pain i feel for others in the same universe as myself . people say where born for a cause an a great reason but by seeing myself evolve an grow into a young man of my own i see its never gonna be as it seems to become . by growing up an seeing the truth i dont wanna become part of this nation wide arise its very pitifull i see young beautiful women become silent in sexual acts as well as money becoming a reasonable cause to become world wide sometimes its drugs to escape this truth in life of fatal discussions an unreasonable causes .

Its true what they say about us we just love to work an die for our lifes an make us think everything is gonna be okay . everyday on the television something bad happens never good but worse they say god is there in the sky above i never figured it out still but i do dream a better , worse outcome . people say depression is an excuse to not face the truth but what if i told you the truth is what we overthink an become so stressed out where to the point that it turns to depression an drug addiction an prostitution becomes the gateway for answers to middle age empathy .

Where born for a purpose

not for money , drugs , an sexual acts

survival is not even the word anymore for freedom its more bulling is the new island of the free …

for the human race please fix these issues where facing an make it more like the old cowboy days where we had to be in survival mode an everyday was a sacrafice .

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