A lid is worthless unless you find the right pot. Every piece of writing can be valuable to someone in the right context.

IIt’s hard to make money as a writer because there are so many people (not just writers) who want to be heard and are willing to publish their work for free. As the saying goes, “There is a lid for every pot.” Each piece of writing (lid) by itself is…

Self-actualization is a blessing or curse, depending on how you look at it.

The concept of self-actualization makes intuitive sense, at least for those who have a proclivity for it. Furthermore, the idea of reaching our full potential makes evolutionary sense. In order for natural selection to work optimally, each of us needs to express our genetic potential optimally also. If we all…

It’s not that you should do it because it makes sense; it’s that what you should do makes sense after the fact. With the former, you are absolving yourself of responsibility by invoking higher — presumably more objective — authority. You might speak loudly, but your true voice can be hidden, never exposed to risk. In this, it makes no difference whether this authority is God or reason. This is what is perceived as arrogance, even if you act as a humble servant of God or reason.

This was my big mistake.

This way, the kids don’t have to move back and forth between two parents. An entire building can be designed to accommodate divorced families. The building should take up the entire width of the city block (I’m thinking NYC), sandwiched between two streets. The North side of the building for one parent, the South side for the other. The addresses for them would be different too (“123 East 10th Street” for one parent, “123 East 11th Street” for the other). They don’t ever need to see each other. The scheduled, automated door locks would guarantee that they wouldn’t see each other by accident in their kids’ rooms.

Dyske Suematsu

I relentlessly and often pointlessly try to make logical sense out of what I observe around me as if I’m a space alien. That is my mission on this earth.

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