My serious question to Labour: If you can’t run a cohesive party, how can you run a cohesive society?

As someone who gave a decade to Labour, I have seriously had enough. Labour has become a party of hate and that’s no way to run a country.

I joined Labour in 2004 and was active until May 2015. I chaired my local branch, stood in the general election, ran campaigns and raised thousands of pounds. You get the picture.

Like many in Labour, I consider myself a moderate. Not of the ‘Progress’/Blairite wing, and not of ‘the left’. I joined Labour because I believed in its values. That society should be a fairer place, that brings people together despite their differences. Most importantly, I believe that the state can and should help achieve these goals.

By May 2015 I knew I was going to take a year away from Labour, I had given so much to it that I was exhausted. It had gotten in the way of all the normal things someone in their 20s should be doing, that and it was no longer giving me the rewards it once did.

With this in mind, I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. For me, Corbyn was going to breathe new life into the party. The other three candidates had nothing to say, no policies, no passion. Honestly, I thought Corbyn was a safe pair of hands.

Now, a year later I return to a party that is deeply divided and full of hate. I ask myself, if Labour can’t run a cohesive party, how can it run a cohesive society?

No one is managing to articulate what this is, it is there though. You can see it, when people disagree with each other, rather than just disagreeing, one side will accuse the other of having satanic ulterior motives. To disagree, right now, is a matter not for debate with a chance to reach agreement. No, to disagree right now is an act of treacherous disloyalty to an ideology.

Secret police, investigating political crimes anyone? This kind of language is leaving the party divided and people deeply hurt. People who have given many years to Labour, people who stuck by Labour during its darkest hours.

My question to the leadership candidates: our party is divided, many people have said bad things, many people feel hurt, how do you intent to heal our party? Will you be prepared to discipline your own supporters, or will these acts of verbal hate continue, maybe even continue during your government.

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