Does your analogy to the House and Senate account for bribery and corruption of senators and…
Jerry David

Exactly my thinking.

It seems to me Bitcoin is small simulation of Humanity and the inherent issues that have plagued it throughout its history. Bitcoin is facing the exact same questions and issues, such as long-term vs short-term, economic incentive vs community ideals, democratic process in the hands of a non-savvy population (few people, including stakeholders, have a deep understanding of how the technology works; so the great majority of these people rely on and trust other people, who they view as “experts”; at best, they are indeed experts and have good judgement; at worst… well, you could have something like the Trump phenomenon), distribution of power, governance, etc. I have yet to find any sign the Bitcoin community can address any of these fundamental issues. In fact, given its more decentralized anarchist nature and the rather relatively narrow expertise of the main actors (for instance, how much expertise on history, philosophy, economics, psychology, politics, anthropology, sociology, etc, do the Core Devs possess?) these issues will only produce worse impasses and setbacks.

“don’t doubt whether Core devs are in this thing for the right reasons”

This is a very weak justification of trust. As far as I know, Core devs are humans. They can quit, have a change of heart, become corrupt, commit an error of judgement, etc.

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