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This article talks through the process of migration to Polygon, and provides an overview of our collections and roadmap.

DystopAI is migrating from Terra Classic to Polygon with OnePlanet. Migration will officially start on 6 September 2022, but you can preview your eligible NFTs before then!

To migrate your DystopAI Genesis NFTs, Defenders of DystopAI NFTs and Monthly Morph (Season 1 + 2) NFTs:

  1. Create a wallet compatible with Polygon. OnePlanet has confirmed that MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet are compatible.
  2. Connect your Terra wallet and Polygon wallet to OnePlanet’s migration site
  3. Migrate all your NFTs in one click. That’s it! You don’t even have to pay a single fee.

Post-migration, we’ll action airdrops for Monthly Morph Seasons 3–7 (details in the body of this article).

Our roadmap was temporarily delayed due to migrating from Terra to Polygon, but we’re now back on track with a clear mission to further creativity, collaboration and genuine, tangible utility in the web3 world. In the next few months, our roadmap will see us:

  • Interactively explore the story of the DystopAI universe
  • Launch augmented reality for every Defender
  • Release Morphed Defenders utility — the first AI-Dynamic 3D models
  • Upgrade and enhance our AI pipeline
  • Collaborate with some pretty special partners — showing off our deep tech stack


It has been a challenging few months for the crypto community. The landscape looks different compared to the beginning of 2022: projects have come and gone, communities have ebbed and flowed, and the web3 ecosystem has continued to grow and evolve — just like it has always done.

In the wake of this period of change, it is totally understandable that some of you have taken a much needed break from Crypto Twitter and Discord servers. So, with our migration to Polygon on the near horizon, we wanted to provide a comprehensive update on DystopAI and its pathway forward.

Our mission and points of differentiation

Creativity, collaboration and genuine, tangible utility are the key tenets that underpin DystopAI. We are committed to using cutting edge technologies — AR, AI, 3D modelling, metaverses and more — to explore the DystopAI Universe, and enable our community’s creativity. All of this is done with a long-term vision in mind — we’re not going anywhere, and we have a reputation as committed, creative builders.

We began this journey doing something unique, still to this day — using AI to create a rich world, with deep, interactive lore. Over time, thanks to our founding team’s unique skill set and genuine passion to create new experiences, we’ve expanded the technologies we’re using to bring the DystopAI universe to life.

We’re not just another AI Art NFT project — we’ve thought carefully about the utility of things you create with us. Each NFT and collection we produce fits elegantly into our ecosystem and universe. There’s a lot to uncover — and there’s a lot we’re still building.

Migrating to Polygon

To secure the long-term future of our project, following the collapse of Terra, we decided to migrate to Polygon with OnePlanet. Polygon’s suite of scaling solutions, maturity, industry partnerships and opportunities in the NFT space will allow us to reach new heights as a project and community.

OnePlanet has made it easy for you to migrate your eligible Terra NFTs to Polygon. You’ll be able to start migrating your DystopAI NFTs (including Genesis, Defenders and Monthly Morph NFTs) to Polygon from the 3rd week of August. This is all free — even the gas is taken care of!

To summarise the steps you’ll take:

  • In the third week of August, go to OnePlanet’s website (on your desktop) and preview the DystopAI NFTs you own that are eligible for migration. Contact OnePlanet or message our Discord if you have any issues.
  • On 6 September, you can migrate your DystopAI NFTs from Terra to Polygon. Do this by connecting your Terra and Polygon wallets on the OnePlanet website (on your desktop). Contact OnePlanet or message our Discord if you have any issues.

Remember, if you complete migration by the third week of September, you’ll receive MATIC from OnePlanet, and be eligible for special prizes from us! We need as many of our community as possible to make the move — so do tell your other friends that own a DystopAI NFT that now is the time to act. We’re planning big things, and will be making a splash on Polygon.

You can read more about the details of the migration here: https://migration.oneplanetnft.io/

Following migration to Polygon, the secondary marketplace will open — a great chance to pick up a DystopAI piece you’ve been eyeing!

In the immediate term, the DystopAI Genesis Collection, Defenders of DystopAI and Monthly Morphs Seasons 1 + 2 will be available for secondary sales. Following the opening of the secondary marketplace, we will begin to airdrop Monthly Morph Collections Season 3+ as well as our collaborations collection.

If you are expecting an airdrop for Monthly Morph Seasons 3–7, we need to match your Terra address to a Polygon address before beginning migration. You do not need to take any action to migrate your airdrops at this time: we will be in touch with you personally (if needed) in the month of September.

  • If your Terra wallet will be migrating with OnePlanet, we will automatically match your upcoming Monthly Morph airdrops
  • If we cannot detect that your Terra wallet has migrated with OnePlanet within 30 days of migration beginning, we will reach out directly to you via Discord, Twitter or Email.
  • In mid September, we will release an Airdrop Migration Checker where you can make sure that your wallet addresses are correctly matched before we begin airdrops.

Our collections

For those new to our ecosystem — here’s a rundown of each of our collections, and just some of the utility and innovation they each bring.

DystopAI Genesis Collection

On the 20th of January 2022, we created a vivid universe by minting 750 AI-generated apocalyptic landscapes — the DystopAI Genesis Collection. Selling out in a lightning-fast 13 seconds, the DystopAI universe comprises five distinct continents — all with their own unique terrains, lifeforms, and technologies.

In the months following mint, we took a deep-dive into the story underpinning the scenes from our apocalypse. Through community lore submissions, we co-created AI comics that depict how the universe came to be and build towards the tale of how and why the Defenders ended up there — to bring salvation to planets in turmoil — to save our world from the apocalypse.

The utility of the Genesis collection is unmatched — you can create Monthly Morphs, detailed below — which bring evolving utility to our ecosystem.

Defenders of DystopAI

The Defenders of DystopAI are an intergalactic task force that has come to the DystopAI Universe to bring salvation to the apocalypse. The Genesis Collection created the world, and the Defenders are the protagonists.

The Defenders went live on the 8th of May 2022, amidst the depegging of Terra. Despite launching into such turbulent market conditions, we still managed to mint most of our Defenders (3000+!) — a true indicator of the passion and faith that our community has in us.

The Genesis and Defenders collections are intricately tied together, with each Defender linked to a different location in our Universe. The Defenders fight in squadrons and have stationed themselves across the planet. Each Defender possesses unique “Energy Veins” that depict a location shown in the landscapes of our Genesis NFTs.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our NFTs offer world-first utility and inspire more people to understand the creative potential of web3, and in the coming months it is going to be our utmost imperative to deliver on this utility.

Key Utility Includes:

Customisation — Morphed Defenders

  • Our NFTs will be customisable by our holders. Using our AI art pipeline, holders will be able to submit text prompts to transform their Defenders’ energy veins into anything they can imagine.
  • Morphing a Defender will require the burning of a DystopAI Monthly Morph NFT (all 750 Genesis NFTs can create a Monthly Morph NFT every month).
  • Morphing a Defender will permanently change your Defender NFT, until it is morphed again. Morphed Defenders retain their rarity and traits, including their link to a Genesis NFT visible as the Defender’s background, but have different art lighting up their energy veins.

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • We’ve built our Defenders with the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to explore not just the DystopAI universe, but our world too.
  • Place your own Defender (even after morphing it) in iconic locations all over the world, and compete in our global AR Scavenger Hunts.

Metaverse and Game Compatibility

  • Defenders have been intricately designed to be metaverse and game compatible — interoperable and playable in a wide range of unique experiences.

Full Commercial Rights — Full Freedom — Full Creativity

  • As a Defenders owner, you will have commercial rights over your Defender and own your Defender’s IP. We will make available to holders the underlying 3D models — this means it’s easy for you to make and sell merch, accessories, games, videos, movies, or even transport them into metaverse spaces of your choosing.
  • We believe in web3. We believe in our community. We believe in interoperability and flexibility. We have no intention of being gatekeepers; we are enabling our community to flourish independently (and in a decentralised manner).

Every Defender is a unique AAA 3D model, created with an extensive range of custom-designed traits including armour, helmets and battle enforcements. We can’t wait to see what items become community favourites.

Monthly Morph Collections

Utility and creativity underpin what we do. We built a bespoke tech pipeline to enable our community to create their own infinitely customisable AI art and experiences.

Each month, free of charge, our Genesis holders are invited to tap into the power of our AI and create their own works of art. By simply submitting their own text prompts, they are able to create their own pieces of unique art, morphs of existing NFTs and also videos.

These outputs form the Monthly Morph collections — not just pieces of user-generated art, like some projects, but also NFTs that can be bought and sold, and offer unique utility in our ecosystem. An example of their utility is outlined below.

Collaborations Collection

The cross-pollination of ideas between and amongst communities is a cause that we hold dear. After all, what would the web3 space be without the brilliant minds that underpin it. Therefore, meaningful, creative collaborations have been — and will continue to be — the cornerstone of DystopAI.

Over the past nine months, by harnessing the power of AI, we have undertaken a plethora of large-scale, cross-chain collaborations to deliver free, tangible utility to the wider NFT community. Some examples of which include:

  • HellCats — Scenes from Hell: For dual-holders of DystopAI Genesis and HellCats NFTs, we created 700 Hellscape banners to imagine the environments in which the HellCats reside
  • Skeleton Punks — Enter the Underworld: For dual-holders of DystopAI Genesis and Skeleton Punks NFTs, we created 400 ethereal banners to imagine the environments in which the Skeletons reside
  • Astroverse — Boots on the Ground: For dual-holders of DystopAI Genesis and Astroverse NFTs, we created 75 boomerang videos, imagining the ground level view of the planets

Going forward, our mission will be to drive this spirit of collaboration in the Polygon space. We will be proactively looking for new communities to share our AI pipeline with.

Moving Forward

Prior to the Defenders mint in early May, the DystopAI team promised a meaty roadmap containing a plethora of bespoke utility (our detailed roadmap can be viewed on our website). The unprecedented events that occurred both on the Terra network and the wider crypto ecosystem have not altered our ambitions for this project whatsoever. In fact, we are more fired up than ever to deliver what our community deserves.

Below is a quick summary of our action plan for the next few months and beyond:

Short term (next 4–6 weeks):

  • Complete migration to Polygon
  • Release all Defenders in AR
  • Release 3D source files and commercial rights details
  • Further lore exploration
  • Finalisation of the Morphed Defenders technical pipeline

Medium term (6–10 weeks):

  • Launch Morphed Defenders functionality
  • Launch metaverse gallery
  • Enable 3D printing of Defenders

Longer term (later in 2022):

  • Launch full metaverse integration for Defenders with leading metaverse partners
  • Launch dedicated DystopAI metaverse clubhouse
  • Execute planned airdrops and much more that we’re working on; every DystopAI holder should watch closely for clues!

As you can see, we’ve brought our holders technological innovations early and allowed them to use their creativity in new ways. We did all of this with a longer-term vision in the background — one we have been working on for months, non-stop. Things are just getting started, and our migration to Polygon is opening up a lot of doors for us.

Thanks so much for your patience. We know it’s been hard to wait for our migration, but we’ve been using this time to focus on our internal operations, and roadmap — it’ll be worth the wait. It’s your patience that enabled us to stay calm and keep building — we’re so grateful.

On a closing note — it’s impossible not to give a special shoutout to our outstanding team of dedicated, passionate Community Leads and Moderators: Freki, Alex Mercenary, Crzy1337 and Kyle Woken. Their feedback, support and great vibes are unrivalled.

We hope you’re excited, we sure are.


The DystopAI Founders: Uncle Davo, Rosyaintdead and Mikachip

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