Introducing the Defenders of DystopAI

10 min readApr 29, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Introduction
  3. DystopAI — The Journey So Far
  4. Defenders of DystopAI
  5. Whitelist Details
  6. The Road Ahead


  • The Defenders of DystopAI are minting on May 8 at 9 PM UTC on OnePlanet
  • The Defenders are 3D characters that are customisable, metaverse-ready, AR-enabled and AI-infused
  • Our Genesis Collection mint sold out in 13 seconds so we’ve developed a whitelist plan to be fair to every part of our community — including new members
  • There are three ways to get whitelisted:
    — Genesis NFT holders get 3 discounted WL mints
    — Monthly Morph NFT holders get 1 WL mint
    — Community WL wallets get 3 WL mints — get on the community WL by winning a competition or authentically engaging on our Discord
  • We will take a snapshot of Genesis NFT and Monthly Morph NFT ownership at 11:59 pm UTC on 1 May 2022
  • You must de-list (not have listed for sale) Genesis and Monthly Morph NFTs to be captured by the snapshot
  • The following timeline will apply to the mint on 8 May 2022:
    — 9PM UTC: Genesis Whitelist Mint (1 hour)
    — 10PM UTC: Monthly Morph and Community Whitelist Mint (2 hours)
    — 11:59 PM UTC: Public Mint (Be trigger-ready, only lasted 13 seconds for Genesis!)
  • You can find more information in this article, and on our website.


On 8 May 9 PM UTC 2022, the Defenders of DystopAI will be launching on OnePlanet. These NFTs are a world-first combination between advanced 3D modeling and AI art. This means every single Defender is metaverse-ready, AR-enabled, AI-infused, and customisable — shaped by your creativity.

This article will explain how we will further explore the DystopAI universe through the Defenders mint. We will explain our DystopAI Genesis Collection, our lore, Defenders utility, traits, and whitelist (WL) details.

Sneakpeak #001

DystopAI — The Journey So Far

The Genesis Collection:

On the 20th of January 2022, we created a vivid universe by minting 750 AI-generated apocalyptic landscapes — the DystopAI Genesis Collection. Selling out in a lightning-fast 13 seconds, the DystopAI universe is comprised of five distinct continents — all with their own unique terrains, lifeforms, and technologies.

DystoAI World Map

Lore, Storytelling, and Comics:

In the months following mint, we took a deep-dive into the story underpinning the scenes from our apocalypse. Through community lore submissions, we co-created AI comics that depict how the universe came to be and build towards the tale of how and why the Defenders ended up there — to bring salvation to planets in turmoil — to save our world from the apocalypse.

DystopAI Comic #001

Community, Creativity and Monthly Morphs:

Creativity, collaboration and genuine, tangible utility are the key tenets that underpin DystopAI. We built a bespoke tech pipeline to enable our community to create their own infinitely customisable AI art and experiences. We make advanced technologies accessible — and transform them into enablers of our community’s creativity.

Each month, free of charge, our Genesis holders are invited to tap into the power of our AI and create their own works of art. By simply submitting their own text prompts, they are able to create their own pieces of unique art, morphs of existing NFTs and also videos.

Our community gets extremely creative with these morphs — just browse through the collection! We even have a sub-community, Space’d Out — who group together and create thematic collections and experiment with AI each month.

Monthly morphs are minted as separate community collections on our marketplace partner, where they can be bought and sold. Holders of a monthly morph will be entitled to one Defenders whitelist spot, so get in fast before we take the snapshot at 11.59pm on 1 May!

Showcase of Community-Created Monthly Morphs

Defenders of DystopAI — Explained

Collection Overview:

The Defenders of DystopAI are an intergalactic task force that has come to the DystopAI Universe to bring salvation to the apocalypse. The Genesis Collection created the world, now come the characters.

The two collections are intricately tied together, with each Defender linked to a different location in our Universe. The Defenders fight in squadrons and have stationed themselves across the planet. Each Defender possesses unique “Energy Veins” that depict a location shown in the landscapes of our Genesis NFTs.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our NFTs offer world-first utility and inspire more people to understand the creative potential of Web3.

Sneakpeak #002

Key Utility:

  • (1) Customisation — Morphed Defenders
    Our NFTs will be customisable by our holders.
    Using our AI art pipeline, holders will be able to submit text prompts to transform their Defenders’ energy veins into anything they can imagine.
    Morphing a Defender will require the burning of a DystopAI Monthly Morph NFT (all 750 Genesis NFTs can create a Monthly Morph NFT every month and they are tradeable at the moment on Luart).
    Morphing a Defender will permanently change your Defender NFT, until it is morphed again. Morphed Defenders retain their rarity and traits, including their link to a Genesis NFT visible as the Defender’s background, but have different art lighting up their energy veins.
  • (2) Augmented Reality (AR)
    We’ve built our Defenders with the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology
    to explore not just the DystopAI universe, but our world too.
    Place your own Defender (even after morphing it) in iconic locations all over the world, and compete in our global AR Scavenger Hunts.
    We’ve got prototypes of four AR-enabled Defenders that you can try out on your phone right now!
Augmented Reality Showcase
  • (3) Metaverse and Game Compatibility
    Defenders have been intricately designed to be metaverse and game compatible — interoperable and playable in the widest range of experiences available to any Terra NFT project.
    Our first metaverse partnership will be with Lunaverse — we have a trailer out now, and will have exclusive spaces and experiences in the metaverse for our Defenders family! More on this to be announced.
  • (4) Full Commercial Rights — Full Freedom — Full Creativity
    As a Defenders owner, you will have commercial rights over your Defender and own your Defender’s IP. We will make available to holders the underlying 3D models — this means it’s easy for you to make and sell merch, accessories, games, videos, movies, or even transport them into metaverse spaces of your choosing.
    We believe in web3. We believe in our community. We believe in interoperability and flexibility. We have no intention of being gatekeepers; we are enabling our community to flourish independently (and in a decentralised manner).
  • (5) Secret
    Long-standing members of our community will be very familiar with the fact that we shroud our project in secrets. We’re keeping a couple of aces up our sleeve to reveal at a later date 👀

Intricate Art with Unique Traits

Enough on utility… a picture is worth a thousand words. Every Defender is a unique 3D model, created with an extensive range of custom-designed traits including armor, helmets and battle enforcements. We can’t wait to see what items become community favorites.

  1. Faction (armor color): Every Defender belongs to one of the 5 factions of the DystopAI universe. You can tell which faction a Defender belongs to by the color of its armor (eg. any shade of green means a Defender is from the Wilderness of the South).
  2. Home Location (background and energy veins): In squadrons, the Defenders protect a section of the planet that was depicted in the Genesis Collection. A Defender’s background and Energy Veins show their home location and are created using artifical intelligence from a landscape in the Genesis Collection.
  3. Energy Veins: Running through the Defenders and powering them are Energy Veins — these will be holder customisable with our AI!
  4. Energy Gem: Defenders are powered by Energy Gems, that sit in their chests, and power their Energy Veins by harnessing the power of their home location.
  5. Helmet: We’ve intricately crafted a myriad of sci-fi helmets; each taking inspiration from our lore and beyond — and you’ll be able to see your AI-creations in them too!
  6. Armour: The Defenders battle armour will have a variety of permutations.
  7. Battle Enhancements: The DystopAI Universe is a dangerous one — and Defenders need all the tools they can get. We have a plethora of Battle Enhancements — including katanas, hexashurikens and quadratentacles to name a few.
  8. Role: Defenders fight in squadrons, and each member of the squadron has a unique duty.
  9. Redacted: We don’t want to give everything up before mint; there’s a handful of additional traits in our arsenal yet to be revealed 👀
Defenders Snapshot #002

WL Details (inc snapshot, stacking of WLs):

We want to make this mint as fair as possible. Our Genesis Collection sold out in 13 seconds, so we want to give as many people an opportunity to mint Defenders as possible.

There are 3 ways to gain whitelist (WL):

  • (1) Genesis WL — holding a DystopAI Genesis NFT
  • (2) Monthly Morph WL — holding a DystopAI Monthly Morph NFT (from either Season One or Two)
  • (3) Community WL — awarded in internal/partner competitions or for authentic engagement across Discord and Twitter

There will be 3 phases to our mint:

  • Phase 1 — Commencing on 8 May 9 PM UTC for 1 hour: Genesis WL (3 mints, all discounted)
  • Phase 2 — Commencing at 8 May 10 PM UTC for 2 hours: Monthly Morph WL (1 mint) and Community WL (3 mints)
  • Phase 3 — Commencing at 8 May 11:59 PM UTC: Public mint (3 mints)

The same wallet can mint across multiple whitelist phases. However, you cannot stack multiple whitelist spots within the same phase.

For example, holding more than one Genesis NFT in a single wallet will only entitle that wallet to mint 3 NFTs, even if multiple Genesis NFTs are held in that wallet. Likewise, holding more than one Monthly Morph NFT in one wallet will only allow the holder to mint one Defender.

Overview of mint process

We will be taking a final snapshot of Genesis NFT and Monthly Morph NFT ownership at 11:59pm UTC on 1 May 2022. You will need to de-list NFTs (not have them listed for sale) to be captured by the snapshot.

Please see the below table to see a range of whitelist scenarios and their implications for minting.

Example Scenarios for Whitelisting

The Road Ahead

We have long-standing roots in Terra. We built openly from October 2020, collaborating with virtually all NFT projects, and many DeFi protocols even before our January 2022 mint.

We brought our holders technological innovations early and allowed them to use their creativity in new ways. We did all of this with a longer-term vision in the background — one we have been working on for months, non-stop. We completed execution of everything on our public roadmap by the end of March and announced the next stage of our roadmap alongside the Defenders.

Our detailed roadmap is on our website, but here’s a quick summary of what to expect from us:

  • Short term (weeks): Release all Defenders in AR, release 3D source files and commercial rights details, further lore exploration and finalisation of the Morphed Defenders technical pipeline
  • Medium term (next quarter): Launch Morphed Defenders functionality, launch metaverse gallery and clubhouse, metaverse compatibility, and enable 3D printing of Defenders
  • Longer term (later in 2022): Launch full metaverse compatibility for Defenders with leading metaverse partners, execute planned airdrops (watch our Twitter next week for details) and much more that we’re working on
DystopAI Roadmap (Past and Future)

We can’t wait to share Defenders with you. Our mission is to enable creativity in web3, by creating high-tech utility that’s also accessible and fun.

AI, 3D, AR, Gaming, Metaverses, Ownership — welcome to DystopAI. There’s still a lot more for you to uncover.

On a closing note — we’d like to give a special shoutout to our outstanding team of dedicated, passionate Community Leads and Moderators: Freki, Kyle Woken, Crzy1337 and Alex Mercenary. We have no idea how we could have pulled this off without you, thank you sincerely for all the hard work.

You made it to the end, congratulations. We will be giving away 1 Defender NFT and 5x WL spots to celebrate. Make sure to RT our pinned tweet on our Twitter page to enter our giveaway. We’ve got more information on our website, and more alpha, giveaways and the latest updates on our Discord.


The DystopAI Founders: Uncledavo, Rosyaintdead and Mikachu

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