My Day With Sexually Empowered Feminists at The SlutWalk LA

“Mind your own uterus” was just one of the many signs proudly marching through Pershing Square on October 1st. Amber Rose’s SlutWalk was a beautiful spectacle of men and women from different walks of life, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds embracing each other’s differences and shedding positive light on unfair stigma. A coming together of old age feminists, where seduction and female empowerment are not decoupled.

L.A. was excruciatingly hot that day, as if to give its nod of approval to the barely clad participants. I had opted for a Free People navy slip and was still sweating bullets.

I made my first trip to Los Angeles to showcase two of my drawings at the Slutwalk’s “Art Show” booth.

“Fairy” from my ERZULIE series sold for $180 — peep the proud smirk.

“What is the SlutWalk even about?” was one of the more pressing questions I got from friends and family — even got a few raised eyebrows as though my inclusion somehow meant I was promoting promiscuity. To be fair, I can see how the name could throw you off a bit, slut has a longstanding history of demeaning a woman’s sexual agency because God forbid a woman enjoys having sex as much as men do.

Did you know that the orgasm gap–the 15 to 30 percent female success rate during intercourse–continues to widen — Betsy Prioleau

I side with Monica Bellucci on this one.

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Originally published at on October 9, 2016.

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