Algory is a powerful and multifunctional tool for trading cryptocurrency

Discover critical crypto!

How many times have you wasted time analyzing, reviewing and looking for signals to open positions — just late or hesitant when it comes to pulling the trigger?

The Algory project is a powerful and multifunctional set of tools that focus on the cryptographic market and is designed with trade efficiency.

If you redeem an emergency crypto, you really need Algeria.

It is the most widely acted and multifunctional tool ever made for individual crypto traders around the world.

Established by merchants for merchants, it gives you an edge when crediting crypto.

The Algory project includes some of which are described below.

Strong Cryptococcus

Never be late again, be a real pro! Create automated and versatile filters and alerts that scan the cryptocurrency market in real-time.

Scans will radically change the way you search and select cryptocurrencies for trading!

Learn real-time hot cryptocurrencies using more from 100 different filters and alerts.

Analyze all crypto that is relevant to your trading strategy. Take advantage of autotrading based on filters and warnings too!

Profits with faster news & research.

Are you tired of trying to paste all the sites you use … just to find the hottest news?

Meet the fastest and most advanced News Streamer in the Cryptocurrency Industry.

Made for merchants who must be fast.

Now you’ve got everything in one place: news services, blogs, tweets, Reddit, and more!

A very intuitive workspace that you can explore by your own sources and criteria.

Stay on top of every headline that matters to your portfolio.

The market time for perfection is difficult.

Stop waiting for headlines and get updates.

Check out the news, talk about crypto, and a sentiment indicator so you’ll know about the potential impact of a story.

Want to trade like a “whale”?

Hot and cold wallet monitoring to analyze potential sales on the market due to the massive crypto volume transfer between wallet and bursa.

Terate the wallet address that you are interested and respond to before big players cause havoc on the market. Be like a whale! :)

Increase your profitability with backtested strategies.

Backtesting strategies are an important tool to see if your strategy will work or not.

Our backtesters will use historical data to check how profitable your strategy is and will give you insight into what it feels like in the future.

You can check backtested data over different time periods, so you always always know the progress.

Analyze. Support. Advantages!

$ 2.35 billion collected through ICO in one year! Impressive!

This is an enormous amount that reaches the market on an ongoing basis.

Check the project before you decide to support it.

Use ICO Analyzer to check all ICO.

Check the ICO wallet or follow the transfer information between major projects in ICO world.

Discover and Trade it!

All the crypto rankings you need, sorted as you see fit.

Need to check specific crypto before pulling the trigger?

Here, you’ve done it right in front of you.

Select the crypto list you want to scan for news, gestures, and more.

Check out all the information you can imagine about the crypto listed.

Get quick access to the trending street crypto.

In addition, this platform will give you access to many other useful tools, such as Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Scans, Autotrading, Social Learning, Chart signals and analysis, Exchange comparison.

We are merchants, we listen to what traders say.

We provide software updates that often add new features based on your needs.

Structure Token Sale & ICO

Allocation of Token

Nama: Aljeri (ALG)

Token type: ERC20 (based on Ethereum network)

Number of tokens issued: 120 000 000 ALG

Hard cap: 100 000 ETH

Form of contribution: only for ETH

Decimal: 18

Type: Utility Token

Date of receipt of ALG token by participant: Immediately after sending ETH

Likelihood of transferring ALG tokens: After closing the public crowdsale

Budget Allocation

Be the most profitable crypto trader

The Algory project plans to develop many other features that allow you to access the widest amount of data collected in one place.

Additional features are as follows: Blockchain Analyzer, Scanner Arbitrage, ICO Viewer, Exchange comparison, Social Learning, Trading Room, Cryptoviewer, and Cryptocoin.

A detailed description of its functions is available in the Whitepaper prepared by the Algory Project .

How to buy Token Biodiesel Token

The Algorius Project’s Whitelist Signup opens on November 15th.

Everyone signing up to the Whitelist before the deadline becomes eligible to get proof of a guaranteed purchase before the Crowdsale begins.

More details can be found on the Algebra Project website.

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