JOLYY operates an online platform for booking beauty, which will be upgraded using blockchain technology.

Our mission is to disrupt the existing online beauty booking market by providing innovative and highly efficient beauty booking platforms.

Our goal is to solve such important problems as lack of efficiency, high commission and unreliability.

Our platform will also present a crypto currency in the field of beauty and its advantages over traditional methods of payment.

We believe that we can provide the beauty market with a safe, reliable and efficient platform that will benefit all parties — from industry representatives to their customers.


The beauty market in Europe earns more than 100 billion euros per year.

Although many other enterprises are fully digitized, this sector is still in the 20th century, and most entrepreneurs use the phone, pen and paper to organize their schedules with customers.

The disadvantages that this brings are already leading to losses.

The company JOLYY was founded in 2016 with the idea to introduce and improve business models of online beauty reservations across Europe.

At the very beginning, we realized that existing platforms impose 20% of commission for each reservation.

It was an unrealistically high commission, which could not be rationalized.

Our ambitious team decided that we can cut most of the costs.

When developing the project, we faced many shortcomings-some of them we managed to improve, others are still on the road.

Our search for solutions led us to the decision to use blockchain technology, which allows us to realize the idea of ​​an online platform for booking beauty at the global level.

JOLYY offers an intelligent solution that will allow to digitize the business and will be more efficient than any existing solution.

We have already gained popularity in the local market with the first version of the platform.

The team is now focused on upgrading the platform to the next generation and we believe that this will ensure all stakeholders in the beauty of the industrywith a completely new experience and will place our product as the number one booking platform for cosmetic services.


From the above, it can be seen that there are many shortcomings in the existing beauty booking platforms.

This is to show that general changes are necessary to realize the idea of ​​completely online beauty booking.

This means that it’s time for an impressive violation of this landscape, and this is where the beauty of booking platforms such as JOLYY come from.

With our new solution, salon managers will:

have full access to information regarding their rating on the platform;

get an expedient product that will automate their schedule, save your time and ultimately reduce costs;

receive on-line payments immediately;

pay a much lower price for the entire service. Customers will plan online their cosmetic procedures with Jolyy, because:

The platform is a one-stop shop for all cosmetic services and salons nearby;

Customers will be able to pay in the Crypto currency;

Customers will receive joy in their electronic wallet as a reward for active participation, for example, adding new beauty salons, writing reviews and comments, recommending new customers and salons.

Customers will be able to convert the joy into cash or services or sell it to advertisers and sellers of e-commerce products on the platform.

The social network of beauty

JOLYY is the first to offer a social platform in this industry.

We plan to develop additional opportunities for our clients — social network JOLYY to live.

This option is also rooted in the current version.

JOLYY live will be a social place where sellers can upload pictures and comments about what they did in their salon on a daily basis.

Users can like them, make comments, watch suppliers or other users and upload and share photos.

Live network JOLYY will allow advertising paid with joy (for example: brands will advertise and position products with us and will pay with joy, which will generate additional demand and increase the market price of joy through).


JOLYY will not only connect specialists in cosmetics and customers, but will also be the first platform that will connect cosmetic and cosmetic companies.

Currently, beauty salons and specialists buy the necessary cosmetic products from sales representatives of such major cosmetics manufacturers as Avon, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Braun, etc.

Due to the development of the database of suppliers and the implementation of the JOLYY store we will partner with leading brands offering their own products directly to beauty salons.

Thus, we will reduce the supply chain, which will inevitably have a positive impact on the price of the products offered.

Our goal is to develop and popularize a transparent and specialized market for the beauty industry.

We will provide the same opportunities for small brands that do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising and shelves.

JOLYY (joy) marker

1. Joys will be used as a payment method in the platform and in the JOLYY store.

Customers can get JOLYY in the following ways:

buy it on the exchange of crypto currency 
to buy it from the JOLYY platform to 
buy offline or online gift certificate 
to get joy by giving ratings and making comments for salons or other games and shares on the platform to

earn by ordering meetings through the platform. Statistics will be generated for each user regarding their orders, etc.

There will be monthly winners, etc.

2. Joy — as a way of paying for the transfer.

When booking a meeting, customers can choose between paying a wallet and a debit or credit card.

In both cases, payment will not be made upon booking.

Instead, the smart contract will be concluded and later activated at the time of the appointment.

The application will resemble a professional for payment.

After the professional requires payment, the client will confirm this from his application.

3. Bounty and rewards for users when using and promoting for platform development

The project will have joy allocated for this in advance.

Anyone wishing to receive funds in this way will be able to offer salons to join our platform.

When registering salons, enter the code provided by the relevant person.

Thus, its profile will be connected to the outlet.

A smart contract will automatically, through which a person automatically receives a certain amount of joy when reaching milestones: 10 orders, 100 bookings, 10 comments, etc.

This will allow students, etc.

to earn money in their spare time, helping the platform to grow.

4. Shop JOLYY-shop is only available in the outlets on the site.

Manufacturers of cosmetics will be able to sell their professional products there at salon prices.

The idea is that manufacturers will have direct access to the channel, which provides communication with the end users of their products.

Thus, even a small manufacturer will be able to easily present their products to the exact audience that they want to embrace throughout the world.

An alternative would be a global advertising campaign, which is often impossible.

Joy will be done through smart contracts.

Payments will be executed directly in joy, as in other currencies.

Nevertheless, the parties will be able to conclude smart contracts, on the basis of which payments can be broken into daily fees or fully automated.

Therefore, after the conclusion of the contract of delivery with the corresponding manufacturer, salons do not have to pay the supplier cash or make bank transfers.

Instead, the required amount will be transferred from your wallet at the right time.

All this will be controlled through smart contracts.

All this will happen in the same way as in step 2 — peer-to-peer communication.

5. Advertisers will be able to pay the joy of at a fixed rate (explained below)

Offer value for the holders of joy

Development of a common ecosystem of supply and demand.

Visit our website. Fixed the price of advertising on the platform site for the owners of joy.


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