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LYDIAN - the first cloud marketing for Blockchain

LYDIAN honors the first human civilization, using its currency, although the Lydian symbol is not a currency; they are a new model for providing existing marketing services based on technology.

Lydian Token is a token compatible with ERC20, using the Ethereal blockade for broad compatibility with wallets, exchanges, development tools, intellectual contracts, exchanges and other related technology.

The ethnic ecosystem has been developed since 2015 and offers the opportunity to apply intellectual unsecured Turing contracts on the block.

Such flexibility and compliance make the ERC20 marker interface the most common standard for publishing tokens.

Lydian points can be purchased with Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereal (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), ZCash (ZEC), Wave (WAVES), currency fiat and credit cards.

By creating Lydian tokens, Lydian intends to make its products and services and in turn, an ecosystem of blockchain accessible to consumers.

Lydian Token is intended as an indicator of payment for access to services provided by LydianCoin SG and Gravity4 Corporate Family4.

As described here,

Corporate families Lydian and Gravity 4 continue to strive for innovation and to continue to provide additional products and services to Lydian users in the future, but at a price to be determined.

LydiaCoin SG only for services provided by LydianCoin SG and the corporate Gravity4 family, and Lydian token owners do not have the right to purchase LydianCoin SG for Lydian storage.

Marketing Gravity4

Gravity4 offers Cloud Marketing G4, a market-proven technology that for years uses customer data and combined placements to optimize placements.

Using intelligent analytics and buying software ads, Gravity4 uses large data in real time.

Cloud Marketing G4 identifies advertising opportunities for the entire channel, identifying cost-effective and transparent marketing initiatives without intermediaries.

MonaLisa, owned by Gravity4 AI technology, collect data from several channels and use the G4 Marketing Cloud to create a target audience of consumers.

Floating fluid flow, Persistent data streams are sorted into semantic charts, using correlation variables to form clusters of connections.

Using the capabilities of the G4 Marketing Cloud to work with clients, marketers can get to customers through the journey through the purchase and through the point of contact.

Lydian token holders can access one billion websites, mobile phones and cherries.

The Lida token (LDN) will be released by LydianCoin SG, an indirect subsidiary of Gravity4, Inc., a Delaware company.

Gravity4, Inc. 
is the direct or indirect parent of approximately 43 subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Bermuda, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, British Virgin Islands, Brazil, Singapore, Jersey, China, Malaysia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany , the Netherlands and Colombia (Gravity4, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, 
Gravity4 Corporate Family).

Lydian Token will allow you to make cryptococcal purchases from digital marketing and advertising services AI, offered by the corporation Gravity4 Corporate family and used by Fortune 1000 companies and brands around the world.

Lydian Token will allow us to expand our marketing reach, attract and train the target audience, and develop its client base.

Optimistic Lydian numbers to reach the audience of the crypto-unit, the data set is not available for corporate corporate customers who pay in fiat currency.

Lydian token, also has MonkeyChain, a block-based adware scamming system, and MonaBrowse, surfing the Internet without ads without the hassle of changing browsers or surfing behavior.

Using Token's sales results

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Lydian tokens will be held by LydianCoin SG (in currency or crypto currency, for financial reasons, security, 
and other considerations may be).

When the token is matched with LydianCoin SG.

All fees for the sale of the proposed Lydian token will be paid by Gravity4 Corporate Family, and do not sell Lydian tokens to cover sales costs, including marketing, legal or administrative fees.

No development cost for Gravity4 Corporate Family.

Lydian Token is targeted only for the marketing and digital marketing services available in the Gravity4 corporate family, 
in accordance with the pricing schedule for this service. Lydian's tokens, and Lidia's medal of the Lydia's tokens.

Distribution of tokens

Name of the token: LDN

Token Price: 1 LDN = $ 3.75

Total tokens: 40,000,000

Token for sale through the sale token: 20,000,000

The Token shall be notified to advisers: up to 800,000 at its sole discretion LydianCoin SG

Token provided through the Bounty 50,000 campaign from a backup

Publisher ID: LydianCoin SG, 
Singapore organization

Start selling the token:

20 November 2017-20% discount 1 500 000 tokens

December 15, 2017-15% discount of 2,000,000 tokens

January 1, 2018 - Discount of 10% of 2,500,000 tokens

January 15, 2018-5% discount of 3,000,000 tokens

January 30, 2018 - Public Crowdsale - The proof remains command

  • Gurbaksh Chahal - Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Kamal Kaur - President & Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, and Board Member
  • Grant Allaway - Managing Director in Europe
  • Kevin Huang - Managing Director in Asia
  • Belinda Montes - CFO, Asia
  • Farai Mativi - Finance Director, Europe & Americas
  • Kotryna Gasiunaite - Product Manager - Emerging Technologies
  • Julian Miall - Managing Director, United Kingdom
  • Jonathon Drumm - Head of Business Development, APAC
  • Simon Apperly - Commercial Director, APAC







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