Learning Clojure — day 1

I spent several years doing Ruby. I still use it for my work. And I am going to use it in future as easy and fast way to build web apps. But its perfect time for something new. Something different. I looked at Elixir but syntax reminds me of Ruby. I looked at Go but I dont want another C-like syntax and 8 spaces indentation. One of my friends was super excited about Clojure. After an hour spent with Clojure I liked it:

  • work with JVM -> good
  • lisp kind of syntax -> good
  • sane indentation -> good
  • can be used for building web apps -> awesome

What I learned

  1. For start you need JVM and Leiningen (kind of Bundler and irb from Ruby world) http://leiningen.org/
  2. Heroku has nice tutorial how to build sample web applicaiton using Clojure + Postgres and deploy it.
  3. Clojure has awesome website with docs http://clojuredocs.org/

Originally published at blog.dzaporozhets.me on July 6, 2015.