Some dark intimate sounds I’ve gone and done recently. Sit back and enjoy. Dank.

Breathe in
Breathe out Breathe in Breathe out Breathe in,
He’s been born.
His heart beats stronger. Voices discontinue, breathe in the last time, as he makes the final step and falls into the abyss.
Dark clouds of storm are shifting him from side to side as he is slowly approaching the surface, suddenly noticing they’re mountains covered in rocks. Endlessly falling over them, he for the first time realises what pain is. Though, his body is still strong and he eventually manages to stand on his legs and observe the surroundings. Black matter of rock powder covering his feet and palms don’t go away as he walks further through the dusty air and strong winds. Hazy views and mist don’t slow him down, he fights them off with his bare hands, as he starts to run forward. His body has grown firm turning him into a youthful man. At last, a latitude with fields is already ahead, promising the beginning of tranquility he was reaching for. Increased race towards the green oasis makes his heart pulsate stronger once more, and eagerness to never move out of here ever again takes over his mind, when suddenly, a hill. It gets steeper each step, making him climb and pull his body up to reach the top of it. Wind gusts are pressing closer to the rocks, but he finally succeeds to the peak of a cliff with a sea on the other side. And he jumps.
Foams of water surround him, as he breaks the still surface with his pale body, and all sounds around suddenly turn obtuse. He breathes underwater carelessly, thrusting himself further, staring at plants slowly swaying along with waves. All sight is obscure, and is hard to distinguish a real matter from visions. Water is suddenly turning into black, imaginary shadows continue to grow thicker and follow his route. Dark shapes are getting smoother, and time slows down. 
Is that someone’s voice coming from afar? Laughter and pleads for help, waves are restless out there. It’s figures of women visible ahead, as he turns towards the shrieks. Too late to think of any risk. Voices are luring him into the unknown, where last strokes of light hardly find a way out, and plants are thicker there. He sees smiles from the darkest corners of underwater, laughter and cries interlace, as he approaches closer. Last moments of hope to swim away before his limb is pulled towards the bottom. Grasp of air turns to gulps of water, making his chest sink slowly. Attempts to fight off are vain, as a number of gentle, yet powerful arms approach him from the deep. His body is tangled between the leaves that pull him closer to themselves, glossy female figures diving around, shrieks and laughter are sinking into his brain. He fights to get rid of the tentacles, panic is taking over his mind and foams of water cover his sight. Pale fingers are pinching and tearing his body apart, when he tries to push them back. He pulls his last bits of strength and manages to swim away from the cradle the dark leaves have prepared to burry him in. The heat in his feet pushes towards the top and burns female fingers following behind. His head tears the surface of the sea, and waves move his body forward to the shore. Cold fresh air expands his lungs with relief, as he touches the muddy ground. Last bits of energy pull him away from water, covering his chest in dark wet sand. It’s cold out here, and he’s glad to feel it, as all senses are slowly leaving him. Memories of birth again appearing in visions, he’s not afraid anymore. Feeling his body dissolving, fingers sinking into sand is somewhat pleasant and safe. Eyelids are getting heavier and dust in his sight doesn’t go away. Strokes of light warming his lips slowly move to forehead and tips of ears. The warmth is to stay, — soft voice whispers. Heavier to breathe; breathe out, breathe in. Sound of children playing in waves beside him, time slows down; corner of a lip lifts, he’s back home again, Breathe out, Breathe in,
Breathe out