When I travel to work, to the gym, to Bulgaria, to the library, by bus, by plane, on foot I observe people very carefully and I play the Ego game.

I give a suggestion of ‘what’ and ‘how’ this person is better than me.

If I think I’m very smart, I have to remember that every person is better than me in something — I just have to guess what is it.

This is how I met Hilary and Lawrance. One Saturday morning, I decided to check the new coffee shop next to my gym and see if the place…

War Memorial Park, Coventry, UK

I think it is very important to capture the lesson at an early stage. When I’m in a difficult situation and everything is going down and there is no light in the tunnel — that is the moment. It is very important to be able to observe the situation, accept myself and do proper conclusions.

How do I observe a situation if I’m emotionally in it?

  • Imagination.

I have to create a picture of myself, for example: I’m in a bubble — thick and slightly transparent bubble, not very big so I can only sit inside. Then I have to…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I grew up in a small country in Eastern Europe called Bulgaria, in a small city called Burgas surrounded by a lot of friends and family who loved me.

My teenage years were full of laugh at every serious situation, have fun with everything, have fun with myself particularly and laughing at my disabilities, not taking life very serious, not thinking about other people’s opinion. This put me in a position that I was the centre of the attention and liked it very much.

  • Why did I have so many friends and how did I communicate? What has changed now?

Dzhuliana Nikolova

Rainmaker. Data-centric & strategic thinker that always find the way to get the work done.

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