Variable types, JavaScript functions, DOM stuff and more!

DSC Session #2
  • You know what functions and variables are in programming and you know some basic HTML.
  • I’ll be using an IDE called VS Code in this tutorial. If you don’t have it set up already, you can download it here
  • I’ll also be using a VS Code extension called Live Server, which auto reloads my chrome page when I update any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This is optional, but you can get it by searching up Live Server on the extensions tab and installing the extension.
  • The boilerplate code I’ll be working on can still be found on…

DSC Session #1 Recording


Goal: Today we’re going to create a basic static site with HTML and CSS.


  • What does HTML and CSS each do?
  • File structures for basic webpages
  • These HTML tags: <h1> <hr> <p> <b> <img> <a href = '...'> <div>
  • How to style text
  • How to center a div
  • How to change the background
  • How to import a font from google fonts.

Sneak peek at our final product:

pretty neat huh? You can see for yourself here

Getting started

Start by cloning this repository. Do this by clicking fork on the webpage below:


You should see the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Webscraping is a Python newbie’s best friend. It’s impressive, has inherent utility, but is also surprisingly intuitive. Thanks to modules like bs4, lxml and request, your can learn to implement a reliable scraper in less than an afternoon.

In this tutorial, we’ll use the Scrapy library to build a webscraper that pipelines directly to a MongoDB Atlas cloud. Database conscious scrapers are great because they can be expanded upon to create fully fledged REST APIs.

But first, let’s get some conceptual stuff out of the way.

How does a webscraper work?

Well, it’s not so different from how you or I would ‘scrape’ the web…

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CS Student interested in building data driven web apps. Writing about web development, web scraping & data science.

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