Stricken deep with a dart of love

Dripping clots of love

My emotions get helpless

Everything around me gets senseless

Lost my mental faculty in your smile

Was I created with a mind of my own?

Can I ever be released from this enchantment?

Is falling in love this beautiful?

I can’t blame myself that much

The aura around you is beautiful

Causing my love for you to increase everyday

The thought of sharing in your smile gives me strength to fight for each day

I will bleed in my heart everyday for you if it’s worth it

Your love makes me fearless

Your love gives me power

Your love awakens every good part of me

Let me be lost in your emotion forever

Let us perfect ourselves in our love

Let’s make this our perfect love story

YOU my friend, my HEARTBEAT, my empress is all i live for

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Originally published at on May 14, 2017.

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