Domain reputation for e-mail marketers

A short tips how to keep in a good higine of domain for e-mail marketrs

Any experienced email marketer knows that the key to success in e-mail marketing is a high deliverability. It consists of a number of factors and actions to be taken to dispatch the campaign bring fruitful results in the form of usatysfakcjonowanego recipient, and therefore … profit for your business.

To that end, today we will look at the question of the reputation of a domain, and what can be done to get the status of a reliable and trusted sender. To facilitate this task, we collected three useful this tool, available on the Web:
Senderscore generates a number between 0–100. This result obtained identifies your sender reputation with that as providers of postal perceive your domain. If the result is below 70, it means that your reputation needs to be improved. Senderscore recommend this to download a guide to deliverability in the mailing.
When the result is above 70, Senderscore further advises to follow the best practices and proven industry to better optimize your e-mail program. In this case, Senderscore offers development Fri. “Art and Science of Subject Lines”
If the result is more than 80, the domain is eligible for certification program, the so-called white list of senders of mass.

ReputationAuthority monitors both the domain information and IP address. It looks at the overall behavior of each active IP, and further examine the behavior of a domain that sends each IP address.
ReputationAuthority helps protect against unwanted Internet traffic containing spam, as well as against malware (malicious software), spyware (spyware), phishing attacks.

Checks using entered a domain or IP address reputation based on 88 different blacklists based domain addresses. But the question is … what is my domain may have to do with foreign blacklists? Pay attention to the fact that the Polish postal provider (Wp, Onet etc.) are the most resorted to such lists, in order to have wider control over the “intrusive broadcasters.” So let’s see if our domain does not appear in any of them

These tools will allow you to carefully analyze the current status of your domain. But what can you do to positively influence the perception among suppliers of postage? To that end, here are the basic factors you with tips, which have a direct impact on:

Black list of suppliers services ( “Blacklists”) — Your domain name can be placed on them as a result of improper actions (eg. An irregular volume of shipments, as the feature measures used by spammers)
 Spam Traps ( “Spam traps”) — provider, postal place “address-trap” by which trap potential spammers. Therefore, it is important to continuously monitor the activity of mailing addresses in its database. Providers Postal convert because of the need to create traps long unused addresses but also create these from scratch. It must therefore guard against the acquisition of addresses in an illegal manner.
 The involvement of recipients ( “Subscriber engagement”) — another important factor affecting the reputation is the reaction of people receiving your messages. Remember that unsolicited mailing to the wrong mailing. No one likes to receive unwanted content. “Involvement” of such dissatisfied customers will only be negative (for example, unsolicited messages will be. Placed in the spam). Therefore, a good habit to have only interested in people your offers. As part of good habit use the records to the database type: double opt-in (entry in the newsletter also must be confirmed by the activation link that you received on email). As a result, your database will only recipients who have consented to receive marketing content.
 White lists (whitelists) — are posted on their domains and IP addresses of the advertisers good practice, and thus the reputation of your domain increases by finding the white list.

Under this you can ask your customers to your sender address added to your contact list. This will ensure omijalność your message through spam filters and thereby authenticate your domain in the eyes of the mail provider.

Non-existent email addresses — or the fake addresses, which will cause the hard bruising, or “hard-bounce”. Suppliers postal react alarmingly in that case, and especially when large quantities appearing repeatedly. The effect of this will qualify you as a spammer, and worse putting your domain blacklisted. Because of the risk of such adverse consequences, beware of illegal downloading databases available on the network. Quantity does not equal quality. It is better, therefore, have a smaller number of users, but it is reliable and verified.
 The technical side of news — due care on your part, already at this stage, you are able to significantly affect the quality of reception sent mailings. What therefore you have to pay special attention to?
 First, the semantics of the code html:
 — Ensure that all tags have a closing and whether they are correct, for example.
 <Div />
 — Properly established hierarchy, for example. <Span> tag should not short-circuit in a <h3>
 — Use the recommended attributes, eg. For <img> specify the “alt” and “title”
 Second, spelling errors and typos
 Spam filters suppliers are also sensitive to the above-mentioned errors in the text. When the recipient receives the mail with such glaring defects, it will have a big doubt as to the serious treatment from broadcasters.
 Thirdly, the word spam
 “Promotion,” “only time”, “Buy Now”, “Free”, “Pay Now” — beware of these words, because spam filters more strictly react in this case, qualifying your message as a potential spam.
 Fourth: the subject of the message
 Never enter the message subject SO — used in capital letters will not favorably affect the perception of your email security vendors by email

Fifth: the ratio of text to image
Try to keep the building the creations keep proportion, and even somewhat greater advantage of the text over the image. While completely avoid sending messages consisting solely of graphics. This is an alarming signal for the anti-spam filters — it is assumed that the practice spammer trying to hide unwanted content that is detrimental to the recipient.
Following the above tips will certainly influence not only on increasing reputation as a sender, but also on the level of deliverability. If you have any questions regarding the issues described in our article, write to us and we will give answers!

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