Just a few years ago no one would have expected such a rapid development of e-commerce market. Shopping on-line accounted for more curiosity, and their market share was small. Today is completely different. This market is growing at a dynamic pace, according to a study by the end of the decade its value in Poland will double and will be accounted for approx. 10% of the entire trade.

Today, e-shopping for us everyday. We buy on the internet practically everything. Starting from the basic foods and on expensive goods ending. Although at the beginning we approached to purchase the network with a certain degree of uncertainty, so now most of us can not imagine without them functioning. Shopping online is convenient, the products have lower prices, we can order things you need without leaving your home-all that makes it so very loved virtual stores.

However, the situation in this market is no longer so colorful for the owners of these shops. While in 2006 in Poland, the market is crawling and e-shops was only in 2800, today the competition is huge, but research shows that by the end of this year the number of online stores will amount to 23 500! Therefore, the shops are full of promotional activities, often using one of the cheapest, and what the most effective tools, or e-mail marketing. And it’s no wonder everyone wants to make it benefited from its offer Internet users. But we all do it the right way? Two months ago, I ordered in e-shop shoes. He immediately received a confirmation e-mail of acceptance of the order of processing it, preparation, shipping … and here the communication is over. Nobody asked me for feedback regarding the handling, shipping, speed of execution, and if it is not this information is crucial in the process of developing the business? Going forward, despite leaving your e-mail address and consent to the delivery of the newsletter, for 2 months I did not get anything. Shop forgotten me. Not shown any attempt to establish a relationship, so crucial in today’s business. So they lost the opportunity to gain loyalty! Conclusion is the same: Those who do not communicate and do not like about Sobieski lose! And I do not mean spam, but thoughtful and effective communication of e-mail marketing. How, then, you should perform action e-mail marketing e-commerce industry, to be effective? PLS meet 7 tips of cold e-mailing from www.edbms.pl

1. Send newsletters regularly

If you leave your email address and agree on communication, that is to say, that this communication is expected. Speak to him, report about new products, donating a discount, let me know about the promotion! The possibilities are many and just waiting to be used! See how to operate the largest shopping e-commerce in Poland. Podarowują discounts to subscribers, free shipping, remind about yourself! You too can start działać- so it is not difficult nor expensive. According to 89% of marketers, e-mail marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive tools to achieve their sales targets. The study speak for themselves: 1 dollar spent on the operations of e-mail marketing brings an average of 28 zł profit!

2. Commandment: personalize!

TłumaczWyłącz szybkie tłumaczenie

Which of the following topics more speaks to you? 1. “Natalio, we have prepared a 20% discount on shoes for you!” 2. “20% discount on shoes.”

If we know the name of the person to whom we send our mailing- not be afraid to use it! Most of us will, when someone calls us by name, than calls impersonal. We are sensitive to the point of his person, psychology is the effect of a cocktail party. Information concerning ourselves more easily arrive to us, in the crowd despite the bustle hear our name, and we observe in the mailbox title personalized messages for us. Effect cocktail party work and confirmed that a number of marketing studies and psychology.

3. Commandment: Remember about the sender!

Third Commandment: Remember the sender!

I do not want to receive emails from anonymous people, you probably can not, therefore, do not send them to their clients. Specify the sender, type an email, you check and you may be getting answers from the newsletter, forget about the mail “no replay!” Give the customer a chance to answer, uwiarygodnij his company, one-sided communication is a simple way to disaster! Fourth Commandment: Take care of the appropriate shipping time!

Numerous studies indicate that the shipping time significantly affects whether our message is opened by the addressee or not. So do not forget it, because mismatched time may affect the failure of your e-marketing activities.

4. Commandment: Your e-mails must be responsive!

Who today does not use a smartphone? Probably someone would have found it, but in a group of fans of online shopping, probably such people are few. For this reason, you need to ensure that your message to display a properly both on computers and on phones! You do not want to lose a customer just because you open your messages on your smartphone, he could not read it?

5. Commandment: encourage them to act!

Do not forget to CTA (call to action), a call to action. By sending a newsletter after you have a specific purpose, you know what you expect from the client, which will open your mail. Do you want to clicked! CTA can be redirected to a product category, department news, or on the main page of your store. It is important to clearly communicate what you want this person has done. Do not overdo it, however, with the amount of CTA, make it your message had one main goal and that the hold!

6. validating links!

Create the perfect performance, zachęcisz customer to click on the link … and it turns out that the link directs to the incorrect page. All your efforts will be wasted, the client is angry and in the end no one will benefit. And you can check it out! So remember that before you send the message to test all the links, make sure to definitely address to the correct page, it will not take you a lot of time, and it will certainly protect against failure of the campaign J

7. check reports, test and draw conclusions!

You sent a campaign? It is now time to check reports! Analyze them, see how many people opened your messages when most were read, at what time, on which device, how many people “clicked” and so on. And when you learn all this, think what you can do to another campaign was even better results!

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