Automation testing ROI estimation tool

dzmitry yashyn
2 min readJul 31, 2020


In this article I’ve described the approach that will help you to estimate very quick return of investment period for automating functional testing scope and how it can accelerate time-to-market based on statistical data of your project. The data and charts are interactive (in order to use the file, please, make a copy of the document below: follow the link -> File-> make a copy).

Main assumptions:

  • Support time depends on autotests number
  • All planned number of tests will be automated during the 1st month
  • Time for environment set-up is not taken into account
  • The calculation are made in hours only, not in money

How to use the document:

You need to set the following input data in the highlighted cells, all calculations will be performed automatically:

  • Number of test-cases that you plan to automate
  • Tests runs (cycles) per month: i.e. how many times the functionality will be delivered to testing environment in order to perform further automated testing. This delivery times limits the number of automated test-runs that can be considered as effective (you cannot run autotests 10 times after 1 delivery of functionality (build) to the testing environment and consider all these 10 runs as effective, only 1 does count in this case).
  • 1 manual test-case run time: i.e. how much time does it take for manual functional tester to perform test-case testing manually
  • 1 test-case automation time: i.e. how much time does it take for automation tester to develop
  • Autotests run and support