Pipistrel Virus SW improvements

This week I took delivery of my new pipistrel virus sw surveyor. Pipistrel sure know how to make beautiful planes. I have not seen build quality in a composite aircraft that come close to pipistrel’s workmanship, every cut and curve is imaculate. Being now a second time owner of a pipistrel virus I can share with you the differences and improvements pipistrel has done within 3 years time. My first Virus SW was one of the first aircraft to ship with the new rotax 912 iS engine. Being a test pilot of this new engine installation I expected issues to show up and that’s exactly what happened. Some of these issues included an in flight engine failure due to inadequate fuel filter size, over heating issues on luke warm days, not enough heat on cold days, lane A and B (generator) issues and the sport kit upgrade provided free of charge by Rotax. Pipistrel and owners have all helped in creating some much needed modification.

First up, engine cowl flap. This cockpit controlled flap will allow better cooling in the summer and warmer engine temps/cabin heat in the winter months.

Lever controlling cowl flap

Second cowl change is an air intake for forced cabin air/heat.

cabin air intake on right side

Next improvement to the aircraft is a change in propeller. You can now order the aircraft with a hydraulic constant speed propeller from MT Propeller (MTV-33). This propeller has metal leading edge, much faster reaction times compared to electric controlled props, and a beautiful lady body look.

LED landing light!

Lane A/B separate switches (this used to be a key box switch with many issues)

LED backlit fuel level indication!

LED backlit fuel level indication!

Windshield defrost — powered by adjustable fan controls

Holes at base of windshield to blow hot air for defrost
Windshield defrost controls

New cabin LED light

Parking brake that comes with Beringer wheel/brake system

There are many subtle changes but for a previous owner very much appreciated and noticeable. This change is a fuel selector valve that is completely flush with the cabin floor.

Lumbar adjustable hard back seats!!!

Each seat has a hand pump to increase or decrease the lumbar support in the back of the seat.

Very small change, but still a change….New pipistrel keychain

Well that’s it for now, I will continue to update this blog as I start flying and post videos and photos of how these improvements work in the real world.