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Wildfire in southern California, July 23, 2016. Red outlines indicate hot spots. | PHOTO CREDIT: NASA. Photo by Jesse Allen, using data from the Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE).

The effects of global warming on temperature, precipitation levels, and soil moisture are turning many of our forests into kindling during wildfire season.Union of Concerned Scientists

Sand Canyon is a chapparal and brush covered stretch of the San Gabriel Mountains on the northwestern edge of Angeles National Forest near Los Angeles. On July 22, a fast-moving blaze exploded out of its steep gullies and nearby Placerita Canyon, threatening thousands of homes in the city of Santa Clarita to the west. …

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In 1947, the Negroni was still relatively unknown in the United States. Orson Welles tried the apéritif in Rome while filming Black Magic, a now-obscure picture adapted from an Alexandre Dumas novel about a hypnotist who chooses the dark side. “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you,” he wrote in a letter to a newspaper back home. “They balance each other.”

The Negroni is now recognized as a cocktail classic, and fans will find an excellent how-to below from celeb chef Scott Conant. Following up is a full-course meal of some of our favorite foodie Periscopes: More drinks, extremely healthy food, extremely unhealthy food, dessert and a bonus from food bible Zagat for chocolate lovers.

Cocktail hour

Make something healthy…

… or not.

Either way, make sure you keep room for dessert.

Still hungry? Join Zagat for a decadent dive into chocolate.

What’s next after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile protests?

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It’s been two weeks since police shot and killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile — deaths caught on video in separate incidents less than a day apart, igniting a wave of protests calling once again for reforms to end racial inequities in the criminal justice system.

Some marchers used Periscope to provide interactive live streams, capturing emotional, raw footage, including the on-camera arrest of prominent Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson. We’ve collected some of the more notable clips below, from the night Sterling was killed through a live stream of his funeral last Friday.

Visceral images are powerful; data and research appear to be lagging behind. Records of officer-involved shootings are collected haphazardly, with much of it provided voluntarily by local police departments, many of which do not participate. Even so, disturbing patterns are visible. One of the most prominent studies to date, an analysis by ProPublica of admittedly incomplete FBI records from 1980-2012, concluded black teens were 21 times as likely as white teens to be shot and killed by police between 2010–2012. …

A little over three years ago I was angling for a new job. In an attempt to impress with the local cuisine I took Kate Lee to a streetwise burrito joint in the Tenderloin. And by streetwise I mean anyone might walk in and hit you up for change while you ate, and maybe take your half finished coke off the table and down it right in front of your face.

To her credit, she hired me anyway, after dissing “your little town,” and I joined the content team at Medium.

Since then a lot has happened. Holocracy happened. Curated collections. Beautiful stories. Responses. Matter. Backchannel. Cuepoint. The Nib. The Message. re:form. The White House and the State of the Union Address. Amazon vs. The New York Times. Millions of stories created, edited, read, recommended, highlighted, shared. (Some personal favorites: felix salmon’s crazily-timed Bitcoin explainer that propelled us to 1,000 simultaneous readers on Google Analytics for the first time — way back in April 2013 we thought that was something! Bruce Sterling’s epic reprise of “The Blast Shack”. Epic Magazine— an early partnership that prompted the late and great David Carr to write about Medium before most people had any idea who we were. David Axe’s unofficial foray into Syria, where in true Internet form he found a story about a cat. …

Blockchain-based microgrid gives power to consumers in New YorkAviva Rutkin,

Something odd is happening on President Street in Brooklyn. While solar panels on the roofs of terraced houses soak up sun, a pair of computers connected to the panels quietly crunch numbers. First, they count how many electrons are being generated. Then, they write that number to a blockchain. Welcome to the future of energy exchange.

Spread Your DNA Across The

Genecoin samples your DNA, turns it into data, and stores it in the world’s most powerful supercomputer: the Bitcoin network.

Humans currently preserve their genes by passing them down across generations. This is an incredible, but utimately unreliable backup method. We etch your DNA into culture’s most indestructible form: money itself. Announces Historic Blockchain Public Offering — GlobeNewswire,, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) today announced at the 41st Annual International Futures Industry Conference its plan to complete the world’s first public offering using proprietary blockchain technology. The offering will allow shareholders to purchase blockchain or traditional preferred stock. The blockchain preferred stock will trade and settle exclusively through the platform and its alternative trading system (ATS).

A Bitcoin-Style Currency for Central BanksTom Simonite

[R]esearchers have invented a Bitcoin-like system that could make digital cash more practical by allowing a central bank such as the Federal Reserve to control it.

The system, RSCoin, was designed by researchers Sarah Meiklejohn and George Danezis at University College London, at the suggestion of the U.K.’s central bank, the Bank of England. …

RSCoin’s ledger is solely in the hands of the central bank, which would also retain a special encryption key that could be used to control the money supply — for example, to take actions like the quantitative easing programs the Federal Reserve and other central banks put in place after the 2008 financial crisis.

Ethereum Blockchain Project Launches First Production Release — Jacob Donnelly,

Next-generation blockchain platform Ethereum has released ‘Homestead’ the first production release of its software, which was implemented at block 1,150,000 today.

The introduction follows Frontier, Ethereum’s inaugural release, which was released to developers in July 2015. Further, it comes on the heels of escalating interest in the open, public platform, which is attracting the interest of major financial institutions, in part due to its support for self-executing smart contracts.


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