Why you need bad feelings — to thrive in life.

I’ll keep it short…

Sometimes it gets really rough, I know. The following thoughts are meant to help you keep going.

  • You need struggle to overcome obstacles and grow. Otherwise you will always stay in the same spot, always doing the same things over again.
  • You need to feel uncomfortable and awkward in order to leave your comfort zone. “But why? I’m feeling pretty comfortable right now…”. I bet there are things that you want to try but are embarassed of what others might think (or a thousand different reasons not to do it…). Discomfort is natural, it means that you are doing something new. And that is an exciting thing.
  • You need pain to understand how grateful you can be in every waking moment of youe life. Remember when you had tooth pain? Horrible, right? Makes you wish to praise every single moment when you dont have that debilitating pain. So take a look around. There are so many great things in your life. Say “thank you for this life I’m experiencing. I vow to cherish every moment.”
  • Anxiety shows what you need to be courageous about. Theres obviously something that you stand for, something that you need to change. Go do that thing.
  • You need to feel bored too. It means that you have to get up and change something. Remember your dreams? Yeah, if you feel bored you have to get going afrer them.
  • Last but not least — feeling depressed. Sometimes we need contrast to understand something. You will never know how truly happy you are in your day to day life if you have never felt depressed.

Listen to your feelings. Theres always something great waitung on the other side.