After 12 years of school I’m doing my graduation from High School now. School can be a wonderful place, where you can get to know your first friends. But school can be hell, too. We’re supposed to learn things by heart, things, of which we know that they’re useless for the future. Nobody asks us about our talents. Nobody asks what we really want to learn. We’re pushed into a system, everything is given. And when we’re leaving school the world is putatively open to us. But is the world really open to us? Society expects us to walk the given journeys, to study something safe, to make a safe schooling in order to work 50 years in the same boring -but oh so assured- occupation. Teachers expect that, parents expect that, relatives expect that. But is that the journey we want to tread? Do we want to be like the others want us to be? Or do we want to be as we see ourselves? What’s about our hobbies, our talents, those things, we like to do? Maybe you’re a ambitious athlete, maybe you are passionately playing an instrument or you want to be your own boss and want to build your own business. There is a saying „If you make your hobby a profession, you do not work a day in your life“. And what’s about our world? You love travelling? Discover it! There is so much to see before leaving this world one day. It may be better to take the risk and to try something new. To leave the given journey with the peril to get lost but with the chance to see all these places, others will never reach. No one can prescribe you where to go. It’s your journey. It’s your life.