Sex Tips for Smart Girls

  1. Take a bathroom break after having sex. 
    A quick pee and wipe is a great precaution against getting a urinary tract infection. This is most important for anyone with a vagina who has sex with anyone with a penis. For everyone else, it’s mostly a reminder to stay hydrated.
  2. Get tested regularly. 
    It really is better to be safe than sorry. Even if your “regularly” is once a year, that’s still better than never. There’s no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to your health, and it’s your doctor’s job to give you the facts you need to make choices about your body, so be as curious as you need to.
  3. Discuss boundaries before trying new things. 
    Movies tend to make sex look spontaneous and perfectly in sync. In reality, even people who’ve been sex partners for a long time can sometimes have trouble figuring out what the other wants or needs. If you really want to keep things organic, give them a heads-up that won’t reveal your intentions: “I’d like to try something new” or similar. Their reaction, either excited or hesitant, can help you decide if you should go ahead or not.
  4. Have your Summoning text handy nearby for quick access.
    This is a big time-saver. Instead of running around trying to remember where your favored Summoning text is, keep it by your bed (or whatever furniture you prefer gettin’ it on on) so it’s within arm’s reach when the moment comes. There are also mini copies of selected Summoning texts available, a convenient size to fit into your purse, for those spontaneous one-night stands.
  5. Slow things down if you’re nervous.
    Your body and brain are both hyperalert and hypersensitive during foreplay and sex. If you’re not comfortable, it’s easy to get stuck on that. Communication with your partner is really important for both of you to have a good time, so speak up! You can always request to take it slower without telling them the reason why.
  6. Talk about sex with a friend or mentor.
    It might be uncomfortable to bring up the topic if you’re not used to it, but it’s a great resource and support system to be able to discuss sex with someone who’s had different experiences. You can learn more about individual preferences or new tricks (that are more tried and tested than the famously ridiculous Cosmo variety), and you can learn from others’ mistakes and their successes too. Even if the only friend you trust to talk about sex doesn’t know any more than you do, you can still get a sense of relief from knowing there’s someone else out there who’s going through the same questions.
  7. Practice the ritual beforehand. 
    This is especially important when you’re first beginning, but it’s always a good idea to brush up your skills. Use whatever Summoning text you prefer, and walk through your layout, artifacts, and incantations like a dress rehearsal. Remember to only practice the incantations silently, though, as any Summoning spoken aloud will end up claiming a sacrifice. (Sign language is not an acceptable language for practice, since many entities now accept sacrifices offered via sign.)
  8. Spend some time relaxing with your partner afterward. 
    Even if you’re not enthusiastic about cuddles, just sitting next to your partner and enjoying their company can build trust and help them feel comfortable. Whether they fall asleep naturally or whether you use a sleep spell on them, it’ll make the whole process easier, and it’ll probably make you feel calmer too.
  9. Specify which entity the sacrifice is meant for.
    You’d be surprised at how many people have made this mistake, from rookies to old hands. H’Or’vathK will accept any sacrifice which isn’t dedicated to a specific Old God, deity, or chaotic energy, but if you had a debt to pay or a specific goal to achieve with your sacrifice, make sure to follow the proper instructions for dedication.
  10. Have a good time!
    Don’t worry too much about the details — when the best time is to take off your socks, what type of knife to use, or how your hair looks. Sex doesn’t have to follow any rules except for your and your partner’s comfort, and as long as you follow the instructions in your Summoning text, your sacrifice is your world to explore! Be yourself, and enjoy it!

Editor’s note: Portions of this article are written in a language that is older than time. If you were born a girl or if you identify as a girl full or part time, don’t worry, you will be able to read it as you are able to breathe.You have always known it, and it has always known you.