9 Beauty Tips for Cancer Patient Especially for Women

The unexpected ways a woman undergoing the rigors of cancer treatment can help herself feel better. A bit of makeup, a luxurious moisturizer or even a gentle hand massage are just a few little things that can have big rewards. More tips gleaned from the Day of Beauty are below.

· At about six to eight weeks post-op, it’s time to be fitted for a mastectomy bra - It’s absolutely OK to care about your silhouette – make sure you like the fit and how it feels. Good bras will have a special pocket sized for a prosthetic, which slips right in.

· When it comes to dealing with hair loss, the most important thing is what makes you feel best - A wig or a scarf? A cute hat? Perhaps nothing at all? Trust your instincts. However you feel the most comfortable is the way to go. If trying a wig, try experimenting with the color and cut.

· Having a normal routine, even when you feel awful, makes a big difference - Not quite ready for makeup? Just a glimmer of lip gloss can lift your spirits.

· When you’re ready for makeup, seek out a cancer specialist - You’ll not only get specialized tips on areas like eyebrows and eyelashes, you’ll also learn the important steps to take to avoid infection.

· Using a nail strengthener can help with the effects of chemotherapy, which can leave nails fragile or brittle - (But don’t get the product near your cuticles.) And be sure not to cut your nails right now, as that puts you at risk of infection.

· You’ve got a medical reprieve from doing dishes – the hot and soapy water isn’t good for your skin. But if you must spend time at the kitchen sink, wear rubber gloves. And why settle for boring when going high-fashion is so much fun?

· Moisturize - A lot. Make your next moisturizer purchase a splurge, something wonderful that will make you feel pampered each time you use it.

· Fight the blahs with style - A chic blouse, a new necklace or some great new shoes can give you an instant boost.

Get rich – rich colors, that is - Chemo can cause sallow skin and jewel tones will make a big difference. Not ready to add to your wardrobe? Go with a pretty scarf around your neck.

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