Twitter: A Networking Platform

Links to Instagram and the importance of social media

Twitter, similarly to Instagram, is one of the worlds largest social media platforms to share work with others and talk to other creatives. Social media has become the best way that people connect accross the globe, it is far easier to contact somebody through a private message on Twitter than it is to get a reply via email…

I have decided to create my own pubic photographic Twitter account to support my other social media sites and to engage with the creatives that are also networking in these spaces. I have used twitter privately for over 7 years so I have watched the site itself develop into the scale that it is now. I am already advanced with how the site is used and how I should be contacting others which gives a slight head start to making a profile.

Globally, people have the access to talk to others for free and to share public interests with others, I want to make this public account a place to talk about photography and meet other creatives such as Art Directors and people in the careers that I am interested in. Following these accounts will allow me to see who they are engaging with and the other accounts that they follow, again, furthering the people that I am networking with.

My Twitter Account

I have begun creating my profile by selecting the username that I want to be recognised by. I decided to call my profile ‘elizainfocus’ as this is what my Instagram is also named, it gives my profiles the same link and makes it easier for others to find if they want to contact me/ see all of my profiles. After this, I then decided to add my name onto the profile so that I am known just as ‘Eliza’, you also have the availability to add your location. This is good to do so as it means that if somebody is wanting to contact you, they know where you are directly based.

In the biography section of the profile (left side) you have the ability to add a website and other links. I decided not to place my website in this bar as it is still in the making, it is a good idea to leave this out until it is complete. Everything on the profile should look smart and neat, having an incomplete website would not work well. I decided to add a link to my Instagram page. I did this because it is in use and has started to gain followers that may be interested in my twitter account also. Both social media sites use the same username to make it easier for others to find as mentioned before. This also makes it extremely easy to find one another when on a mobile phone as the links work with one another.

The accounts that you follow on twitter are key to networking and getting involved with other people. As this is specifically my photography account I need to ensure that I follow people whom are relevant and interested in similar things to myself. This allows me to easily see what they are posting on my timeline and how I can interact with them successfully. Elizainfocus is still a very new profile, however here is a selection of the people I have started to follow; they include many photographers, creative directors, art directors, and galleries:

Accounts I follow

Not only is twitter used for contacting other people and being inspired by creative work, but it is also an important platform to being able to showcase yourself as an artist. Each ‘tweet’ that you write is limited to 140 characters so that each post stays short and direct. This is actually extremely useful as it ensures that every post is relevant and to the point of what it is about, making it quick to read and easy to engage with. Although the written words can only be a certain length, a tweet gives you the option to also post photographs, videos and other image mediums such as gifs. Posting photographs daily is an important ritual for the success of your twitter account as a creative. These images become a way that others will interact with what you post and the options to retweet or favourite what the see. Here is an example of a photograph that I have tweeted from my account…

Another important point to state with this networking site is the fact that it should look uniformed to a particular house style that fits to your other platforms of media. Profile pictures should ideally be the same image to help connect you to another profile (e.g Twitter to Instagram) this stops other users from being confused as to which profiles you own. It is also important to ensure that your page stays clean, tidy and easy to navigate.

My Finished Account

I believe that Twitter is an extremely important social networking site to be able to interact with others in the same industry as yourself. I am going to keep building this account as my profile in order to gain further knowledge on what art directors are apart of and how photographers engage with these other creatives. It is important to constantly update tweets and the people whom I am following in order to gain the best from the social site.

^ Here is the link to my twitter account.

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