Losing a loveless game-Lying at a full stop

not that you or I care

but I just miss

the kisses from your face

and lying in your warm embrace

there wasn’t a place I’d rather be

when I was with you

back when things weren’t so fucked up

and I’d get to ask how your week had been

and you to mine

and it’d be later than we knew

we’d be there in your flat

chilling like we had nothing but time

nothing but hands crawling up and down

and bodies moving in rhythms

that got lost in the confusion

that now lies in a full stop.

and here I write

alone and bored

waiting for that next chance

to see you in flesh.

only in that moment

I don’t know how I’d feel

to tear you apart or honour our agreement

or your agreement.

and this is where I get mad

and then sad

because in truth it was never fair

I was made to lose in this

love less game

when you called all the shots

and I fell for them all

because all I ever wanted

to do

was fuck with you

in any way we wanted

because not that it was love

or even infatuation

but I’ve never felt the way about


like the way

I felt with you

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