My 10 Dating Dump ’Em Signs

  1. He takes forever to answer your texts. You don’t deserve that kind of disrespect. If he genuinely cares about you, he wouldn't make you wait hours, days even, to get back to you when he was obviously on his phone when you messaged him that day. You have a life to live, shit to get done and your time is precious.
  2. He ignores the soft no’s. If he repeatedly chooses to ignore your more quiet negations and pushes to have things his way- he obviously doesn’t respect you and your autonomy and wishes- only his own. Someone who cares about their own needs and wants before ever considering your own is not worth your time. He should care about the things that make you feel uncomfortable- not go ahead and make you do them.
  3. If he never tries to pay for you or even pay you back when he says he will. A promise is a promise, stick to it. Especially if you’re trying to woo someone. He CAN pay for you- he just doesn’t want to, he couldn’t care less about making a good impression on you and making you feel special. Anyone who cares about you and what you are going through will buy or pay for things to show that they care. Generosity is important.
  4. He lies. White lies. Lies that are so easy to see through they seem pointless to point out. He’s lying to others and to you and one day it will whoop you in the ass.
  5. He never checks in on you. Who the fuck doesn’t want to know how someone they care about’s life is going? Someone who doesn’t give a fuck, that’s who. You deserve those quick check-in texts, asking how you’re doing and how your day has been. They should fucking cherish being in the know about how your life is going and the shit you’re up to daily.
  6. You and him together is a night time event only. Someone who continually deters from spending time out in public in the daytime with you is an absolute garbage waste of your time. He should be asking you to spend time outside of his place, not making events like that seem like a rare occurrence.
  7. He should want to know more and more and more about you. He should be elated and grateful to meet your friends and family members. Fuck that guy who makes you feel bad about something like that.
  8. He should want you no matter how you look. You shouldn’t have to put out a hot photo of yourself on some social media platform he follows you on just to get a text back or a like on one of your photos. You are worthy of his love and time always because he should value who you are far over what you are.
  9. He doesn’t communicate with you unless to maybe plan something. If I like someone, I want to know what they’re up to, how they’re feeling, the possibility of seeing them. But that doesn’t happen if they don’t communicate easily with you. Tell that girl how you really feel stop beating around the ugly bush.
  10. He doesn’t cherish you. You should feel wanted by him more than anyone else you’re close to. He should feel compelled to introduce you to his friends. He should be enthusiastic about seeing you. He should want to plan dates and make sure they’re concrete and try to share your interests with you. You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to fit into his mold to be worth his time. You are an amazing, loving, worthy person, and you deserve someone who recognizes this in you and makes that apparent.