Blogpost1 About myself

Today I write about myself. My name is Yerzhan Sultanbekov. I live in Almaty. It’s city in Kazakhstan.I’m 18 years old.Now in Almaty 2 am.And I am writing this post for you.I am student IITU. In our last year at school we chose the University.I went for a grant to another university.When I found it I thought that I will not learn here.But fate would have it. And I thank her for it. It was be like a fairy tail.
I do not know you have heard about it. My blog is a task from our teacher. It is very interesting task.

Now I say you about my hobbies and what I’m interested.I like actiive life. I love spots.It is pleasant to me such sports as football and tennis. I love football so much.Because when I was be a kid I want to be a footballer. It was be my dream. My favourite football club is Kairat and Barcelona. Kairat is the best football club in Kazakstan. I think after 5–6 years we will reach the world level.

And Barcelona is the best football club in the world.Many people think like me. Barcelona have a best players like Messi, Iniesta, etc. My favourite player is Messi. Many people believe that he is the best in history. My blog has become like a sports portal:)I can not do anything with it. Football is my life.Also I’m interested in IT.Because I like it. That’s all for today. See you later dear readership!