Beware of the experts

What you see is all there is.

And why we should never stop learning new things

I’ve been grappling with this question for some time now. And it turns out to be quite complex. Lots of influencing factors, dependencies and subquestions. Luckily, complexity triggers me. Specifically my need to learn new things.

Fire loops (source: Genessa Panainte on Unsplash)

Enhance overall code quality through a blend of interpersonal communication and tool-based analysis.

Making sense of the socio-technical mashup that is called the IT-world

Highlights from the New O’Reilly/SIG Report

Your developers need formal training and certification

Lessons for All of Us Via Yahoo

Evelyn van Kelle

Curious | Trying to make sense of the socio-technical mash-up that is called software development | Social dynamics & Heuristics| Social Sciences|

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