The Hunted Are Now The Hunters

Marketers must learn to HUNT for customers and BE HUNTED by them — two very different mindsets.

We are constantly being barraged with advice about integrating social media with email marketing, etc. and while it’s hard to disagree, one must stop and think. As marketers, is it not our job to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of all promotional methods and to combine them at the right time and within our budgets to reach our goal? Whether they are online, offline, above the line or below the line.

That is what ad agencies have been doing for years. Advising clients on the best media mix and creative message to help them sell more product more efficiently. So what’s different about the new Internet opportunities?


Everyone is talking about content. And while it is valuable and absolutely necessary, we have noticed that time after time, brand after brand, promotion after promotion, marketers are interacting with the Internet like it is simply another medium. It is just more arrows in the quiver to assault the senses of our ideal target group. Yet, somehow this medium is different.

We assert this is the true marketers medium. Those who respect their customers and prospective customers. Those who understand that their very survival is based on people’s free choice to select their product or service. Those who truly understand exactly what they sell and why people buy it. This is how great marketers think whether it is traditional media or new media. So what’s the change in context?

The consumer and the advertiser are no longer at the mercy of whatever the media companies want them to see. Consumers can explore, comment (good and bad) and conduct themselves openly and honestly online. The ‘hunted’ have become the ‘hunters’. In The Google Age when we are looking to buy something large or small, we Google it. Before we make the final purchase decision on major items, we look for users reviews.

So the great marketers will (have already) make the shift. They will provide the right information in the right way such that people who are looking can buy from them. They’ll stop selling and respect people by allowing them to buy — the way they want to buy. They’ll change their context which will have them see the world (and marketing) in a whole new way.

Derek Lackey is the Publisher of — a community protal for marketers.