What Is e2?

People are always asking me “what is e2”? It’s understandable, there I am bandying this terminology about like everybody ought to know exactly what it is with respect to its literal meaning and in actuality. So, taking the perspective of those outside of my e2 infused bubble I concur. What’s required is not only an explanation as to the meaning of e2, but my observations that lead to me coining the phrase.

Having lived through a long enough period prior to the availability of the consumer internet, and likewise since its introduction, provides one with sufficient perspective to be able to make a reasonably good judgement call on the changes that have occurred during that time span. This then is the subject matter with which we are concerned with respect to e2.

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Our company e2 Advisory is spearheading, called e2, wherein we are placing the ‘enterprising individual’ operating within a broadly distributed ‘enterpriser economy’ developed around protocols we’ve termed ‘enterprise culture’ as the means by which the many can remain stakeholders, operators and beneficiaries within the macro economy as it develops in the modern era.

We are building a socio-economic innovations advisory business based upon these e2 protocols. This sees us providing a digital tool an integrated multi application digital tool (the enterprise engine) learning content (webinars) and enterprise development blueprints, (literature) all of which are designed with the intention of enabling

a) mass inclusion in the digital economy

b) local community management of macro and micro civic investment and infrastructure

c) development and growth of regional enterprise ecosystems.

You can follow the progress of the e2 movement via Twitter at @e2engineer under the hashtags #Me2 #enterprisereconomy and #enterpriseculture.

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We have a number of opportunities to work with us for people seeking to gain experience, secure a job or build a business and who are motivated by our social impact objectives. These include:-

(1) digital database development

(2) research and data management

(3) graphic arts

(4) video editing and videography.

(5) hosting a podcast

If any of these opportunities are of interest to you send an email to e2enterpriseengine@gmail.com titled ‘e2 opportunities enquiry’.