The drive to make cryptocurrency accessible worldwide and by all is a drive towards a positive change and profitability, but even better is when there is a system making things, much simpler for all parties involved. The digital money market is a big player in securing investment and with its presence, there is a need to facilitate ways for better operations, trade, transactional exchange, and investment.
Now that brings to what platform oversees this. This is a platform that has, everything necessary for cryptocurrency activities. In its ecosystem is a wallet, currency exchange, credit and debit cards, as well as a token.

It is FUZEX!


The FuzeX card, wallet and ecosystem allows you to exchange real-time cryptocurrency, which means that everyone can spend their cryptocurrency at anytime and anywhere they want. FuzeX aims to make a revolution in ways of payment. The team takes what it learned in the process of successful development and launch of more than 30,000 Fuze cards (a smart card with a magnetic stripe that allows to build up to 30 credit, debit and bonus cards into one convenient electronic card) and sums up the fusion of cryptocurrency.

FuzeX combines expertise in payment solutions and blockchain technology with technical know-how in software and hardware development. The card is a smart device that can store up to 15 Crypto-currency it can also hold up to 10 debit / credit and 5 bonus cards. There is a two-factor authorization (2FA): the PIN code on the card itself and the password in the Fuzex application are involved.


  1. Store, and use up to 30 credit, debit cards
  2. Built-in buttons for turning on / off power, entering pin codes, selecting and authorizing payments on the card itself FuzeX
  3. E-Paper Display (EPD) for viewing account balances, barcodes for a card
  4. Built-in buttons for turning on / off power, entering pin codes, selecting and authorizing payments on the card itself FuzeX
  5. QR code for purse addresses with crypto currency for P2P transfers
  6. Bluetooth connection between FuzeX card and FuzeX purse for security
  7. Remote cleaning technology to clear data from a FuzeX card
  8. The transfer, receipt and exchange of crypto currencies (the amount of the crypto currency and the corresponding value of the currency currency is clearly displayed with real time exchange rates)
  9. Interactive map and address of the last place where the FuzeX card was used (before Bluetooth disconnected) to help users find and get lost card FuzeX
  10. Two-factor authentication (the PIN code on the FuzeX card and the password to the FuzeX wallet) for the purpose of secure management of secret keys.
    In essence, FuzeX, incorporates traditional payments solutions with cryto based technology, by helping. Make payments and transactions easy and simple. With fuzex you can’t be stranded.

More detailed information can be found here;
Website: https://fuzex.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fuzex_co
Telegram: https://t.me/FuzeX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FuzeX.co/
Medium: https://medium.com/fuzex

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