Starting Software Company

I want to start my article with few important statements:

  • What I tell is how I feel it
  • Internet is full of suggestion about how to start software company
  • This is not “best practices” article

This year is opportunities year indeed. Just after 1.01.2016 I started career in new company as a regular developer and its still was an promotion for me, simply because it was about coding new things, not about support of existing infrastructure which, for my humble opinion, was full of bureaucracy. One month later my friend proposed me to start software company so it was another great opportunity to find myself in new area and put ideas in to real life. You can imagine how many facts you need to consider before take any real action. For me it was questions like, what company can propose to its clients that others can’t, what will be our business model, even how to choose a name for company that will much about us was already quite hard question. Thanks to friends we picked proper name it was “Reactive Labs” and it represents us in a way we wanted, in few words it tells about work process of building products and its further support.
 Lets come closer to topic of article. So what was first things that company did and where I applied my developer skills to help solve problems quicker? First and easiest thing is company website, its registering domain, server setup etc. We chose Digital Ocean to host server because its easy to create and a lot of tutorials written by its users, and Wordpress for same reasons. We had no time to create website from scratch, and host it on our premises. Next task is create mail server or use existing one, we pick Google corporate mail service to start mail campaign without warring about our letter being marked as a spam and last step is pages in social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc, I’ll not dig into details because even not Software Developers can do it, after that preparation steps was finished, and here is actual problems starts. You can try to answer questions “What I want to tell my potential client to create interest to my company?”, “What they should work with me?” same question I was asking to myself for a week. Answer was dictated by need, to start successful company we need to take almost every work for simple reasons, we have no public profile yet, so no one knows about us, and we have no employees literally.

Ideally, it will be huge luck if some company will be interested with to work with us in terms of long term project, so we hire new employees while project goes. If you my dear readers knows company which wants to grow together, please contact me, I’ll appreciate it much.

What I gain from starting new company is:

  • Develop public profile from very beginning, its doesn’t take much time but gives company some effort.
  • Choose market on which you can get first real projects.
  • Search for long term contract.
  • Start hiring campaign so you I’ll be able to hive them projects.
  • Try to arrange result from hiring campaign with first projects.
  • Decrease as much as you can initial cost of starting projects with free servers to host company website, use free websites to search for candidates etc.
  • Create some plan with milestones about what you want to get at some point.
  • Cross your fingers and pray to gods of outsourcing.

So far so good its all news for now, thanks for reading, keep in touch.

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