About Programming languages

Since start my IT career I search for silver bullet in programming languages and tools build for them and the search continues now a days, because there is non, no language is suitable for both hardware programming and enterprise development, it takes time but not w I can see it quite clearly that it’s out of nature.

Let’s look for examples, there is two quite popular text editor which developed for many years and has large number of plugins for the to manipulate some external tools such as git, compilers, formatting, and many others, but what we can say quite clearly that the only difference for user is matter of typing keys, I mean shortcuts, and even this is sharp now, there some plugins which makes one behave like another and reversed way. Idea of such flexibility, variety of extension and many more characteristics, makes them universal tool for developer, and if some day we will meet language which behave like IDE there will be very few people who will invest their time for its customization and it will be forgotten, or maybe not :), who knows.

P.S. Text editors are VIM and EMACS