eBTC Listed On HitBTC!

Moving forwards, one exchange at a time

We are proud to announce that today we are now listed on HitBTC.

Some may wonder how we have achieved this feat and more in such a short space of time, and we have to admit a large portion of our drive is the community’s belief and support, with that we will continue forwards knocking down our goals one at a time.

During this short period of time so many things happened.

Most of you who closely followed the events and developments can remember how bumpy our journey has been so far.

TODAY, We have reached yet another important milestone. After barely 3 weeks eBTC has been listed on one of the biggest exchanges in the world: HitBTC.

Only one week ago, when our former leader withdrew from our project, a listing on such an important exchange was inconceivable — but it became reality.

And this is the best proof that the eBTC community is very strong and sticks together to work hand in hand along the way!!!

Our congratulations to you all! Let us keep this outstanding team spirit and enthusiasm! Our journey will be long, and our future is in our own hands.

The eBTC Foundation